Knitting Needle Case – How to

So a few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted a needle case to store all my straights, DPNs, circulars and circular interchangeables. An old washbag wasn’t really cutting it anymore

If such a thing existed, I couldn’t find it. And I also needed a project to celebrate the return of this thing of joy to my home.

So I started to think about how it should be and how I would make it and after much deliberation I hit on a scheme I thought would work and be simple enough for my fairly limited sewing skills.

And last night (I would like to be clear that I was totally free last night and that this activity was in no way a distraction from writing a style sheet) the case of my dreams was made.

And here it is:

If you’d like to make this case you will need:
3 1/2 fat quarters of fabric
sewing machine


From amongst my fabric stash I found these:

I’ve owned the printed fat quarter for so long I can’t remember who designed it or what I brought it for but it is so pretty it deserves a project that will be seen and used. The red fabric was a large scrap from another project and I have no idea where the green and turquoise came from except I think I may have got them to do something with this fat quarter. All the fabrics are cotton or poly-cotton I think.
One of your fat quarters will form the outside, one of them will form the inside, one will be cut into approximately 2/3 to 1/3 to make two of the pocket sections and the half will make the other pocket.
Start by giving the fabric an iron. (this is the only time I ever iron!)
I then cut and arranged the fabrics how I wanted them:

Using the needles I wanted to store as a guide to how tall the pockets should be:

As I don’t have an overlocker or zig zag stitch, I ironed a hem into the pocket fabrics ready to sew up:
Next I hit the sewing machine (I had forgotten what a joy using the treadle is!) I hemmed each of the pocket tops and laid them all face up on the right side of the inside fat quarter.
I then started to sew lines from the top of the pockets to the bottom through all four layers to form the sections for the needles to go into
As I wanted wider pockets on the shorter two pockets I lifted these out of the way every other line
Apart from making sure that some of the segments were wide enough to take my 12mm, 10mm and 8mm needles, I didn’t plan to carefully about the different sizes as I know what I store will change over time and I felt that a range of pocket sizes would be most useful.
Once I’d finished sewing the vertical lines to form the segments I placed the right side of the outside fat quarter against the pockets
and sewed all the way around the outside leaving a small gap so it could be turned the right way around. Once you’ve done this you can trim to about 1/2cm all around the stitching and turn it right-side out. Sew up the whole you turned it out of and you are done. Fill up with all your needles:
The only thing left to do is to find a pretty ribbon to tie the case up. When I’ve got one I will just sew it at the mid point to the outside of the case and tie it to keep it rolled up.
If I’ve inspired you to make one of these then please let me know – I’d love to see your finished objects!


  1. says

    I did wonder how you would make this when you mentioned it in your earlier post – it’s fab! Love the printed fabric.

    I made a crochet hooks roll for a friend recently and really enjoyed making it.

  2. says

    A crafter called ‘Loverly Linens’ based in Norfolk makes these, they are fab. I had her adapt one to hold paintbrushes for my Dad’s birthday present. They are beautiful and very useful! I wish I had good enough sewing skills like you to attempt this!! Well done! xx