You may remember back in March I was working with some lovely bright colours

These rainbow colours which will be appearing in Inside Crochet later this month (you may spot the one ball of Flirt DK in there which made the Jess skirt in last month’s Inside Crochet too)
And these lovely bright balls of Debbie Bliss Rialto. Lots of people on twitter were keen to know the project but I can only just reveal it. They were for a designer challenge in Knit Now Issue 12 (arriving with subscribers about now and in the shops on Thursday 23rd) 

The challenge was to design with just 100g of the yarn and I realised I could just about squeeze a baby top in with those quantities. Here is the finished result:

Photo: Tim Bradley for Practical Publishing
Its a lovely little make with pretty slipped stitch colour work. At around £11 for the yarn its a great gift idea for a new baby girl. The top is worked seamlessly from the top down on one size of needle, no dpns to worry about as the sleeves are capped. Its written in three sizes ranging from birth to two.
There are lots of other great patterns in this issue so I highly recommend you go out and get it. Knit Now is available in yarn shops, newsagents and the supermarkets.
It is very special that my first magazine published knitting pattern will be in the shops on what would have been my Nanny’s birthday as she was the one who taught me to knit and inspired me with her amazing skill.


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    What an adorable little top – I really like the honeycomb band. Congrats on another published pattern. Your Granny would be proud of you.

    I look for the new Inside Crochet every week at the bookstore (issues seem to hit the States a few weeks late) – can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming next. :)

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    I bought a copy of Knit Now on holiday and that was one of the patterns I really loved. I did a double take when I found this post on my Google Reader! Beautiful design there :)

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    Just discovered your lovely blog courtesy of KnitRun4Sanity. I design too and would love to make it into print, like you I started adapting patterns and playing. I love coming up with something slightly different. Would be really interested in finding out how you went about approaching the magazines if that’s something you’d be happy to share :-)

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      If you are on Ravelry then sign up to the designer group – magazines (including Knit Now) and yarn companies often put open calls for submissions there with all the details of how to apply.