Things I Didn’t Know Tuesdays

Of late I haven’t been the most conscientious blogger. I find it difficult sometimes to think of things to talk about.
I would love to join in with the blog memes such as WIP Wednesday and FO Friday. I certainly produce work at a rate fast enough to be showing something new almost every week but unfortunately almost all of them are headed for publications and I am required to be a secret squirrel and not publish even sneaky peeks.
Then I hit upon and idea.

Things I Didn’t Know Tuesdays

I have learnt SO much in the past year and a half since I started blogging, designing, teaching and tech editing. Some of these things are really daft and some are big and quite major gaps in my knowledge that I am slowly filling.
So I thought I would start today with a list and over the next few months share a little about what I’ve learnt and how I learnt it and why it might be useful for you to learn it too. 
  1. How to submit to a magazine
  2. How to make good sketches for submissions.
  3. How to take an idea from inspiration to finished object.
  4. Important things to consider and include when writing a pattern.
  5. What goes into making a pattern pdf.
  6. What a tech editor is and does.
  7. How designers plan the different sizes for garments.
  8. Why swatching is SO important.
  9. How to teach someone to knit and crochet.
  10. How to knit small circumferences in the round.
  11. How not to get in a merry tangle when knitting with more than one colour.
  12. How to do a good job weaving in ends.
  13. How to close an underarm gap when working a top down sweater
  14. How to pick up stitches.
  15. How to choose a good cast on and cast off for a project (I didn’t know there were more than 2 of each I don’t think!)
  16. How to choose a suitable increase/decrease for a project.
  17. How and why to block finished objects.
  18. What ease really means.
  19. How to create a schematic.
  20. How and when to use short row shaping.
Wow, that’s a lot of things! There are many more and I will have another think once I’ve run out of topics.
(I’ve left it to knitting, crochet and designing – I’ve also had to learn about blogging and social media but that’s a whole other ball of wax!)
*Steps back, cringes and hopes this doesn’t make everyone roll their eyes and scream “what a dummy!”*
I’d love to hear what you think of this idea – do you think there is anything I am forgetting or not admitting to :-)
And do let me know if you’d like to play along with your own list and I will add “how to set up a blog link party” to the list!


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    Sounds like a good idea, there are a couple there they’d I’d definitely be interested in reading and the others would have been good to know about 6 years ago when I was a newby knitter!