37 things I have already done

I’ve had some really great conversations on twitter and email and lovely comments on my first 40 by 40 post,  (asking for ideas) I mentioned that I had been lucky and had a life so far with lots of adventure and opportunity. A lot of the suggestions I have had I have already been lucky enough to do. So for fun and so you can learn a little more about me, here is a very random list of 37 of the more unusual or surprising things I have done in the 37 years I have been on this planet…

  1. Learnt how to silversmith
  2. Owned a home at tender age of 20
  3. Prepared sushi
  4. Swum in a lake
  5. Passed the St John Ambulance first aid course
  6. Won a poetry competition
  7. Danced on a podium
  8. Eaten in a 2 Michelin star restaurant
  9. Been interviewed in a magazine (Inside Crochet)
  10. Had toxic erythema and toxic erythema nodosum – strange and unusual skin diseases, not so fun but very unusual – the doctor was delighted to see a case! :-S
  11. Learnt how to hand engrave
  12. Driven a mobile library bus (yes one of those HUGE ones! For about 8 months I was a mobile librarian) 
  13. Been on a round the world trip
  14. Sewn a dress
  15. Grown three of the most beautiful children I know :-) 
  16. Edited our village magazine
  17. Lived in Paris (for a year)
  18. Passed a set of accounting exams (ATT)
  19. Been white water rafting 
  20. Been in a glowworm cave
  21. Made our wedding rings
  22. Watched a Shakespeare play in the grounds of a mansion
  23. Had a recorded labour time of just 28 minutes (3rd baby was a flyer!)
  24. Ridden all the fast rides and no others at a theme park.
  25. Been to Reading Festival
  26. Been on Surprise Surprise (in a crowd shot – Cilla came to our school)
  27. Bathed in hot water springs
  28. Had a design on the cover of a magazine
  29. Swum with a horse 
  30. Run 10k
  31. Spent nearly the whole of a festival in the lost children’s tent.
  32. Climbed a tree
  33. Held a tarantula
  34. Gained a software testing qualification (ISEB)
  35. Had GCSE Maths assignment published in a teaching journal as a shining example of a 20/20 project
  36. Had two (supposedly temporary) tattoos
  37. Taught myself to crochet (okay you won’t be surprised that I know how to crochet but not everyone knows that I am self taught)


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      Oh come on! – I bet you have had a pretty awesome adventure filled life too! It was such a blast making this list – so many wonderful memories.