Adventure and Such

Last night I had a fantastic night out with a dear friend who will be turning 40 next month

Here she is flirting shamlessly with our waiter.
She is wearing a flashing ’21’ because most of the time its really hard to believe we are any older. My head hasn’t really grown up any since then. I probably make better choices a lot of the time because I have to now I am a mum but inside the silly sixth former is still very much alive and well! 
We were talking about how the rate of new things invariably slows as you grow older, mostly because you have done a lot of stuff already. I have been incredibly lucky in life so far and have had lots of opportunity to try different things, experiment and enjoy life. I am still in a phase of doing lots of new things because I started a business 2 years ago and that continues to challenge and provide new experiences. However, I haven’t been as adventurous as I might be in other areas of my life. I firmly believe positive change keeps you feeling young.
I have a while to go before my big birthday but it got me thinking…
Inspired by Alex at A Little Blonde with her 22 by 22 list I have decided to shake it up a bit and create 
I am going to create myself a list of forty things to do before my big birthday in 2016 and publish it here to keep me on track. It will be a mix of crafty, active, personal and professional. The rules are pretty simple: 
  • I can’t have done it before, 
  • It has to be something I want to do and
  • It can’t cost too much money to achieve.

So far I have got 16 ideas jotted down but I wondered, dear readers, if you would help…

What would you put on your list?
What should I put on my list?
And maybe more importantly, what should I NOT do?
I’ll share my list so far next week – any guesses?


  1. says

    ooo what a fabulous idea for a post! Ok, here’s some suggestions for ideas from me:

    - visiting a particular foreign place (for me it would be Africa, Australia, New Zealand…)
    - balloon ride
    - sky diving
    - snorkelling
    - brave/daring haircut or colour
    - trying a new craft, not yarn related e.g. pottery!

    Hmmm this is tricky! I can see why you posted now lol

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    Funny – I sort of did it the other way round … headed for 40 thinking of all the things I’d do once I got there. It felt like the beginning of something exciting.
    But, if I did have a list – it would have to involve food and fun and probably shoes.
    Things like:
    - host a pot luck indian feast with a bunch of families,
    - throw a (casual) cocktail night, with a duke box and room for dancing,
    - take a painting class,
    hmm… I’ll have to put my thinking cap on for more …

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    I’d have to do 50 by 50 which is less than a year away!! A few things I can think of off the top of my head are:
    - make the seaside themed quilt I designed ages ago
    - have my Mum finally teach me piano
    - get my Early Years Foundation degree
    - buy a campervan
    oooh now you’ve got me thinking, I’ll be up all night!!

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    Thank you for the mention, I’m glad you liked the idea! Good luck compiling your list, I found that that was half the fun :) And thank you for reminding me I really need to get a wriggle on with my list, only 2 month to go!