40 by 40 the full list!

  1. Go blond.
  2. Create a Random Act of Kindness installation (inspired by A year without Supermarkets)
  3. Drive a rally car.
  4. Make a lampshade.
  5. Complete a Go-Ape course.
  6. Yarn bomb something in the village.
  7. Make a dessert from my Desserts by Pierre Hermes book.
  8. Drive a Segway around a forest.
  9. Cook a dinner from Larousse Gastronomique
  10. Make a mug (from clay, on a wheel, glaze it, fire it.)
  11. Draft a dress pattern, make and wear it.
  12. Run a mile in 8 minutes.
  13. Wear my hair plated in corn rows.
  14. Take the family to a festival.
  15. Ride my bike into Cambridge.
  16. Design a business logo.
  17. Weave a willow basket.
  18. Sing Karaoke.
  19. Reupholster dining room chairs.
  20. Raise £500 for charity.
  21. Watch a sunset on the west coast.
  22. Knit something with yarn I have spun myself.
  23. Make my own wine.
  24. Have a pattern published in a US magazine.
  25. Have an article published.
  26. Make a notebook (make paper, bind book.)
  27. Dye my hair a crazy colour (teal/purple? maybe just a stripe!)
  28. Make a meal entirely from foraged food.
  29. Invent/unvent a crochet stitch.
  30. Visit the V&A
  31. Dye a skein of yarn
  32. Set up a website with a shop to sell my designs
  33. Make a photobook for the baby photos
  34. Cut a steek
  35. Have a screen free weekend
  36. Produce a knitted collection
  37. Design and make a papercut
  38. Visit the Tate Modern
  39. Design a garment with a construction I haven’t used before.
  40. Have a birthday party in a hired hall.
    So there we have it. The challenge is set. 40 things to achieve and do by 27th May 2016.
    Where shall I start?


  1. says

    LOVE this idea! oohh can’t wait to see what you yarn bomb, please do post piccies so I can come and find it :-) ohh may be able to help you with raising £500 for charity – we are doing another art from the heart auction if you want to join in and that will raise over £500 I am sure :-) x