I want to take you on a journey with me: from start to finish through the process of creating a knitwear pattern collection.

The journey starts with inspiration and I have been obsessed with this theme for a while now. I want to focus on the natural surroundings of East Anglia, the countryside I grew up in and the place where I still live. This is a topic that makes my heart sing and what better place to start from than that?

So the journey starts in Suffolk, farming country.

From the moment I was told, in a Geography lesson aged 11, that Suffolk had an undulating landscape, I adored the word. Say it. Undulating. It is almost onomatopoeic in the way the word flows around yourself making your tongue form the gentle hills and valleys that it describes.

This gentle rolling landscape is what I think of first when I think of home and is the jumping off point for my inspiration.

This will be my first full collection and my first knitwear collection. I have made a four piece crochet collection for Malabrigo with the inspiration, provided by them, of Space. I also curated the collections for The Crochet Project.

To create a collection I begin by collecting images together to inspire my designs. My Dad, is a fantastic photographer and has taken lots of beautiful pictures of East Anglia. He was kind enough to allow me to share these with you here.

These images, amongst others will be printed off and pinned to the board in my studio to help focus the collection as I design it.

I plan to use the beautiful colours from the pictures and also to allow the shapes to inspire my stitch patterns and constructions.

Many of these images are of places I have been visiting since I was my son’s age or younger. They hold wonderful memories for me. I am so excited to be using these as inspiration. I just hope I can do their beauty justice.

What inspires you?
Do you like knitwear inspired by a story or is function enough?

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    I love working to a theme. As designers we have to start somewhere – sometimes the yarn is the starting point, sometimes a stitch or colour combination you want to try out, sometimes an interesting shape or construction technique, but for me the most interesting and exciting projects to work on are based around a theme or story. I love it when a magazine or yarn company puts out a call based around a story (often in the form of a moodboard), that gives the feel of the pieces they want to commission. There are digital ways of creating moodboards (Pinterest, etc) but for me there is nothing to beat having a real physical collection of inspiration to arrange, look at and touch to get you immersed in the project. You’ve got some great images here, which are already leading me into imagining which way your designs are going to go. Look forward to seeing the project as it progresses. :)

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    Ooh I am sooo looking forward to this. One day I’ll do something similar with a very kiwi theme I think ;)
    There’s something about a landscape that’s in your bones. Very inspiring.
    I can’t wait to see what colours come out of your undulating landscape – your Dad’s photos are very beautiful, the colours especially.
    Roll on Tuesday…

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    Can’t wait to see the collection, especially after seeing the inspiration. What a very gorgeous set of photos (and how talented your Dad is).

    What inspires me … that’s very hard to say. Sometimes it’s just the yarn and the hook. Sometimes ideas pop into my head fully formed and if I’m lucky I can work them out. But being outdoors definitely adds to the equation – fresh air almost always inspires fresh thoughts.

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    Such lovely pictures. Especially the first which shows the “undulating landscape” perfectly. I recently visited Pensthorpe in North Norfolk which is home to a very inspiring garden by designer Piet Oudolf. Definitely worth a look if you’re ever out that way.