TIDKT: Collation for the collection

Why Hello?

Not too much progress has been made on the collection to date but I am beginning the process of collating ideas into manageable chuncks. For a few weeks my studio has been displaying my favourite images that dad sent me

And I have been busy pinning away this evening to try and firm up some ideas.  You can check out the board here (and a snippet of it is embedded below). I’ve added in some architectural features of Suffolk such as the vibrant Suffolk Pink house colour and pargetting (plaster decoration that is mostly found in South East and some amazing examples in Suffolk) and flushwork on local churches.

I am not sure if I will use the architectural images or not – it feels like maybe that should be a separate collection. The flushwork would lend itself so well to colour work and the pargetting would be amazing as cabling and knit and purl stitches. I do love the idea of injecting the colour of the Suffolk pink into the collection – it was made by mixing ox blood into the lime mixture.

I’ve been playing around a little with colour, using palettefx.com to make some colour palettes from my favourite pictures of the set.

I find these really surprising and very helpful for identifying colours that will work well together yet still giving a suggestion of the source.

The stash has been fondled and assessed to see if some of the pieces can be made from stash.

The notebook has been getting lots of scribbles in it as I review my favourite stitch dictionaries looking for inspiration. I am looking at stitches that have movement and undulation.
So my next step will be swatching because I like to play with the stitch pattern and see what item, garment or accessory I think it would lend itself well to before I sketch… (s)watch this space…
Do you have any favourite tools or techniques for assembling design ideas?


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    That pink is lovely….

    I carry pen and paper everywhere (and keep some in every room of the house – and I mean EVERY room!) just in case inspiration strikes – then I can jot down a quick sketch of any idea that happens along. Very low-tech. :)