TIDKT: Deadlines

Sometimes the deadlines in this industry are very tight.. Sometimes this will be outside your control sometimes it will be entirely of your own making but I don’t know any designers who haven’t worked to the wee hours to get a design finished on time. And we all know that steam blocking is the quickest and (without naming names) I know a designer who had to put her heating on in June in order to get a piece blocked in time! (see it doesn’t matter how tight the deadline is, we never skip blocking!)

large boxes of yarn do not turn themselves into sweaters…

That is all I have time to say on the subject as yarn arrived yesterday that needs to be a sweater in the post on Friday.

Please send coffee, bad movies and matchsticks.


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    Steam blocking is fantastic – don’t knock it! Depends on the fibre content of course, and I would always recommend wet blocking for shawls, but most of my pieces are steam blocked. It’s standard practice in the RTW industry, as they don’t have time or facilities for pinning everything out individually, but then they’re not creating a one-off hand crafted work of art like we are! :D.

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    I enjoy a bit of wee-hour crochet myself as it’s the only time I can be free of distractions and interruptions. We can always sleep when we’re older, you know. :)

    I just finished a commission in superwash merino, which is so sproingy it simply WON’T block well. What worked best for this project was to forget the moisture and just tug hard on the whole piece, bit by bit, first crossways and then longways. The stitches popped beautifully into place and my hair stayed on my head (as opposed to being torn out in frustration).

    Good luck!