On Sunday I headed off to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra palace. (If you have ever heard knitters raving about “Ally Pally”, this is the event they are talking about.) I went on a coach from my village – THREE coaches went from my village – a total of 91 people! Are we the craftiest village in the country?

It is huge and somewhat overwhelming but I went with a purpose this time: to research and maybe purchase some yarns for my Suffolk Collection (see other threads on this topic here)

There were of course plenty of sub purposes: meeting up with some designer friends, spending time with friends I came with, stroking some pretty yarn, saying hi to some of the wonderful yarnies who have supported my magazine submissions and generally enjoying myself.

But the number one purpose was very successful, here is the haul.

  1. Pendle 4ply by Eden Cottage Yarns – this is destined to be a pair of socks for the collection. I have a stitch pattern in mind but I’ll tell you more at a later date.
  2. Malabrigo Silkpaca in Indiecita – this will be a shawl teamed with another skein in purl that I already have in my stash (kind yarn support that was left over)
  3. Wensleydale Longwool DK – I don’t have an actual plan for this so will swatch and see what it might be. It might be in the suffolk collection but it might be used for swatching for something else. Not sure – I brought it in a colour that fits with my theme incase I want to use it for Suffolk.
  4. Coconut Shell and Enamel buttons by Eljo’s – these pretty colours remind me of all the different pretty pastel colours on the houses in Lavenham or the beach huts at Southwold. I plan to make a colour work cardigan using these.

But of course that wasn’t quite all I picked up. What is a yarn show without a little random stashing!?

  1. More buttons from Eljo’s – these are pretty and fairly neutral so not a bad thing to have in stash. I don’t have many cardigan amount sets of buttons (honest guv)
  2. Small Purse Frame and
  3. Large Purse Frame from Bag Clasps – these may be used for the Suffolk collection. I have an idea but we will see how that pans out – no promises.
  4. Shawl Pin from Textile Garden – just because you can’t say no to a classic neutral shawl pin for £2.
  5. Knit Pro Karbonz DPNs – to try because I keep snapping DPNs and these are supposed to be indestructible. We will see.
  6. An Ashford drop spindle and couple of bits of tops –  to play with.
  7. (Not pictured) a lampshade making kit from eternal maker – hopefully will get a chance to make and blog this soon as its on my 40by40 list.
Did you go to Ally Pally? What did you get?


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    Lovely colours Joanne! I went too but helped out as volunteer on the UK Handknitting Association stand in the Palm Court (we were the Woodland PickKnit stand), teaching knitting and crochet. Was good fun, but when I had a bit of time to go around the show, it was so busy it spoilt it a bit. I did though get 4 skeins of Shilasdair yarn, which I’m really pleased with. Definitely back next year!

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    Those colours are scrumptious and really inspiring! I also love the coloured buttons. As for the Pendle, I am knitting a little something with the miniskeins at the mo and it’s gorgeous yarn.

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    oo the green sock yarn is gorgeous. I like the buttons you’ve chosen too. The lampshade kit sounds intriguing, looking forward to hearing more about it :)

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    Hey I spy a spindle there? You spin at your peril … *wicked cackling*
    Beautiful tones and a lovely range of textures – although I have to say that Eden Cottage just looks scrumptious. I seem to be entering a green phase. Random stashing of green is happening …