Help! It’s Doomvember!

So imagine, the world is ending. What on earth will you knit? Surely that will be the first thought on your mind (once your initial survival is assured of course)

Well luckily for you a new book launches next month to help you answer this conundrum and I am delighted to have a pattern included.

Doomsday Knits was conceived and curated by Alex Tinsley and contains 32 patterns for the bargain price of $16.95 and is available to preorder now (release is in December)

The designs are grouped into the cause of the global cataclysm and my design is in the Global Warming chapter.

Fatigued is a military inspired muscle back dress.

In my proposal I described it like this (and here is the original sketch so you can see how the visions became a reality and how the styling matches my original ideas so well)

…the survivors roam in small groups across the searing desert. Girls rock the sweaty look in sexy military inspired garb… Fatigued is a low cut, racer back, a-line mini dress with military detailing. Wear with 14 hole DMs and a serious attitude. (Also cute worn with sandals and a smile.)

The dress is worked top down in pieces to the underarm then joined and worked in the round. The pockets and pocket flaps are sewn on after and you pick up stitches for the neck edging – nothing too taxing.
It is worked in Berroco Remix, a recycled cotton blend that is lovely to knit with (although like all cotton blends the gauge lies so be sure to do a decent sized swatch – the large pockets make a good swatch!) It was important to me to use the project to think about yarn as a renewable resource and it made sense to use a yarn that is reclaimed and made in an environmentally friendly manner – you can read more about how it is produced here (pdf) Responsible choices now might even help prevent global warming.
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All images are taken from the book.