Christmas Cheer

I had a really scroogey start to the festive period due to pressures of work and sick and non sleeping children (and therefore grown-ups too) But I know feel like I have my festive groove on.

I snuck out without the children to a Carols by Candlelight Service in the extremely beautiful St Mary’s Church, Burwell. Its such a stunning building and they had a choir singing carols to listen to and adding pleasing flourishes to the final verse of all the congregation carols too. (I didn’t know they had one, perhaps it was specially assembled for the night but they were rather good) I fear I may be struck down for lack of piety if I don’t admit that it was also a thinly veiled excuse to meet up with a good friend for a cheeky drink of mulled cider at the pub too! I knew the outing would be good for a little festive cheer and it did the trick.

Today I iced the (FODMAP friendly) cakes

They are a little more restrained and refined than last year’s efforts┬ábut we do have the same awful tree so our kitsch levels are still pretty high.
And I have uncorked a little more festive cheer before I attempt the wrapping and go and make myself all grumpy again!
I am dying to show you the handmade gifts but you never know who is reading!
I hope you have happy holidays whatever and however you choose to celebrate.