Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the punches…

Its been a pretty horrid day today.

Today I had to tell my lovely crochet group and my wonderful yarn sponsors Deramores and King Cole that the crochet we have been doing won’t be going to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Squeaky Gate didn’t get some funding that they had been relying on and without they can’t afford the huge costs that a garden at Chelsea entails. It’s very sad but in the scheme of all things austerity it isn’t the worst cut I know.

The crochet art that we have been making is very beautiful.

crochet art 14 1
The theme of the work, mental health awareness and tips for well being, is so important. We have a huge amount of latent creativity surfacing and some truly wonderful designs are being formed. As with the Botanic Garden project last year, every member of the group is gaining such a lot from their involvement we can’t stop now just because the garden it was due to be displayed in is no more.
So at the moment we have works of crochet art in progress with no home to go to. But we are going to take heed of the letters the beginners have been working on and…

…dream big!

I will be pestering every yarn show and gallery space to let us show our work with them because I am determined to give this project the public forum it so deserves.

Our project will be ready from May so if you can think of the perfect venue, or have any contacts you think might help us then please get in touch and help me save the day.