A yarn bombed bike

The Tour de France is coming to Cambridge this summer. It is fair to say that a lot of us are a lot excited about it. I am no sports fan but even I can see that this will be quite a spectacle (and I read that they have lorries go around before races throwing free stuff)

The needleworkers of Cambridge have been quietly working away producing hundreds of jerseys to make bright bunting to line the streets of Cambridge at the start line. If you are can knit, crochet or sew then do get involved. All the details are here at the #CamBuntingTdF blog.

I run the crafts at my local MOPS group, the sessions are only an hour and a half once a fortnight and we have a fairly packed schedule but we wanted to be involved. Not that many of the group are confident at sewing, knitting or crochet and we also wanted the children to get involved so we decided that yarn bombing a bike would be a great way to join in.

bike bomb 1

One of the ladies had a bike in bad repair and the group had been gifted a very large box of assorted* yarn. So we took the bike to bits and cleaned it up a little bit. Ladies who could knit or crochet made strips of yarn, those that couldn’t wrapped the bike with strands of yarn or sewed together old swatches of mine.

bikebomb2 bikebomb3


The kids got involved making pom poms or getting well tangled up.

By the time the meeting was finished we had made a lot of progress but there was still a lot to do to finish. Luckily my wonderful friend Nicola volunteered her house and provided us with refreshment and childminding services while Abi (who kindly gave up her afternoon plans) and I cracked on. By school pick up time we were done and here it is in all its glory**.


And here is my favourite bit, the handlebars with plaited streamers and pom poms galore! Yes, I’ll admit we may have got finished a little earlier if we hadn’t got a little pom pom crazy – can you blame us?!


The bike will be on display in our village charity bookstore from 19th May for a week or two to promote the Tour and the bunting, after that it will head off to Cambridge to join its colourful yarn covered friends.

And I’ve just realised that this ticks off number 6 on my 40 by 40 challenge. Go me! I think there are a couple of unblogged other ticks to catch up on soon but I do need to get a wriggle on and tick some more off as I only have two years and 19 days left.

*deemed not nice enough to knit with by this yarn snob!

** apologies the photos aren’t up to much it was so dark today but I needed to get this blogged before I go away to Blogtacular for the weekend. I shall come back full of blogging fervour I’m sure!



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    Yowza, that is VERY exciting! Cycling and yarn and the TdF and Cambridge all in one post. The bike looks wonderful and very worthy of the occasion. :)