This weekend I headed down to London to be part of the first (of many hopefully) blogtacular conference.


I was actually the very first ticket buyer – as soon as Kat told me about what her and Kat where planning I knew I wanted to go. That pair are an absolute power house together and I knew that if they could dream it they could do it. I am pleased to say, I wasn’t wrong.

I roomed up with my crochet buddy Vicki Brown and we headed down together. This is us arriving at the venue (almost on time after a few *ahem* detours!)

Arriving at blogtacular


The first evening we had a drinks and mingle with book signings. I *may* have come over a little bit of a fan girl meeting Tilly Walnes. I bought a copy of her lovely new book, which she signed for me, and complemented me on my finished (just in time) Coco dress – she was wearing a Coco top.

blogtacular with tilly



Joy Cho kicked off the event with her amazingly inspiring keynote speech. It was a great taste of the day to come as the Saturday was jam packed full of amazing speakers and practical sessions.

I really enjoyed the hands on styling session with Ellie Tennant where we got to play with lots of props to create beautifully styled images. I whipped my top off (don’t worry dear readers I had a dress on underneath) so I could have a play with styling close up knitwear shots. Here is one of my attempts.

carolyn top close-up


I also learnt a huge amount about using social media more effectively which I am buzzed about putting into practice.

The event was really perfect in every way. I got to meet lots of other wonderful bloggers, the organisation all went smoothly, the food was really nice, the speakers were knowledgeable and inspiring and the goody bag was awesome! This is my total show haul including the two books I bought (everything else was in the goody bags – how lucky were we?!)

blogtacular haul

Lots of super lovely goodies. The exclusive Zeena screenprint bag has already been put to use as a project bag and I am wearing the hello badge from Tigerlilly Quinn today. The planner from lollipop is being used right now to plan my weeks work including finally being a proper serious blogger and planning my posts!

I’ve come away from the event brim full of new ideas but also having had head space to consolidate a lot of previous ideas. I feel I know where I want to go and have been given a lot of tools and advice to help me get there. I feel very optimistic for the blog and the business.

If you are feeling gutted that you couldn’t attend then sign up to the blogtacular mailing list because you will be able to buy a virtual ticket soon and see films of all of the sessions. I believe that the first few UK based purchasers of virtual tickets will even be sent one of the goody bags so you will want to get in there first!

I’ll leave you with a few of the most personally inspiring quotes from the event.

Do something that scares you – Joy Cho

Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, accountants dom’t work for free so why should you? – Anne Ditmeyer

Blogging and sharing your creativity, challenges you to become the person you are meant to be. – Natalie Lu

Hands up who is going next year! Me!


  1. Amanda says

    I can’t wait for next year, already feeling Blogtacular Blues :-( It was super inspiring and really left me with a head full of ideas.

  2. says

    Me too! Looks like the styling session was good fun. I didn’t have room in my bag for books, but I’m making up for that with a bit of online ordering! Hope to see you there next year.

  3. says

    Thank you so much for being our very first ticket holder! So nice to meet you, thank you for helping to make Blogtacular so awesome x