At blogtacular one of the quotes that rang in my ears was this:

Do something that scares you

– Joy Cho

And immediately my mind flew to an idea I have had for a while but have shelved because, quite frankly, I found it pretty terrifying.

Outfit posts.

I used to be quite scared of having my photo taken, I always looked awkward and geeky and what I saw in the frame didn’t match what I saw in the mirror or my own self image. But one of the best things about being an impoverished self publishing designer (cue violin) is that you can’t afford to pay a model so you’d best just suck it up and leap right in front of that camera. And, you know what, I’m actually okay, there are some really terrific shots of me taken by Kat and Kath where I look better than I do in real life.

A photo where Kat made me look pretty darn foxy if I do say so myself.

A photo where Kat made me look pretty darn foxy if I do say so myself.

I wear my own designs and other knit wear I have made a fair bit. I almost always wear it when I am teaching but a lot of the time I also wear it in normal life, to take my kids out for the day, to do the school run, to snuggle up watching the telly, to the pub in the evening (rare.) I enjoy wearing it, it expresses my personality and I get a lot of compliments (so it satisfies my inner show off too!)

I hear a lot from friends, students and passers by that they knit or crochet but never make anything for themselves.

I want to inspire people to turn their skills to enhance their wardrobes and create unique pieces that reflect their style in a way that fast fashion and the high street never could.

So with this end in mind I have decided to try and inspire people by showing them how I style my handknits. How I build those lovely pieces into my every day wardrobe. So I am going to blog it and share it on social media in the hope that more people will want to make themselves something wonderful.

But it is pretty scary because I don’t have a wonderful photographer and/or stylist following me around at all times, I will have to balance my camera places or bully friends into taking the photos. I am putting myself out there for criticism of how I dress and how I look on an average day. And I am a bit scared but so far the feedback has been really lovely.

If you want to follow my outfits then I will be rounding them up on the blog from time to time under the category #makeitwearit and pinning them here and using the #makeitwear it on instagram and twitter. I’ll also post them to my facebook page. All the links you need are in the sidebar.

Here are the first three for your delectation:

outfit 13 May 14 outfit 14 May 14 outfit 15 May 14


  1. says

    Love this and your pics, it’s so hard to take a picture of yourself! I was attempting bump pics yesterday, with no success!! x

  2. says

    Nice idea, I’m not really wearing hand knits much at the moment, too hot! I miss them though, one of the good things about Autumn is being able to get out my woollies again lol

  3. Louise Tilbrook says

    You look amazing. Full kudos for putting yourself out there. Love the poncho btw

  4. Doug says

    Love this post.
    Is that a crochet pocket (2nd photo)? Did you sew it on or crochet it on? (enquiring minds want to know!)

  5. says

    This is a great post. I’m hoping to crochet more of my own items of clothing and have been working on a crochet top as part of #creativesunitenonuniformday. I’ll look forward to following #makeitwearit

    • notsogranny says

      Hurrah for wearing your crochet! Too many people think its just for blankets and soft toys!

  6. says

    Go you! Am admiring the do something scary – what a great job you’ve made of it. Love the photos a and the knits. My fave fashionista is the on-line stylist – her husband takes the photos.

    • notsogranny says

      My husband could not be less interested in taking my pics! He is bemused at best!

    • notsogranny says

      Yay! Just went for a nose and its a stunning sweater. Looks even better on. Lets get everyone making it and wearing it!!