The end game

I am sad and excited at the same time. The community crochet art project I have been working on since January is about to come to fruition. We have just one more making session left.

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The project has been beset by problems. It was originally intended to be part of a RHS Chelsea garden display, the charity then decided they couldn’t afford to go to Chelsea. Then the charity went into liquidation. I feel so thankful that our kind supporters King Cole, Deramores and Cambridge County Council didn’t waiver in their support, that Beats Learning stepped in to administer the project and that the volunteers believed in the project enough to stick with it through all the problems. I couldn’t be more proud of the results.

Carol, a crochet beginner in January, assembles her panel

Carol, a crochet beginner in January, assembles her panel

Last weeks session was absolutely buzzing as people saw the end in sight and all the hard work was beginning to come together. The project has been about creatively recording tips for mental well being which has allowed the group to focus on the small things that lift us up. The group has such a wonderful sense of community and as friendships form and strengthen I can’t help feeling that this, project has been self fulfilling in helping the mental well being of all of the participants in some way.

A group of crochet beginners (who doubted they would ever be able to make a letter at the start) finishing their panel.

A group of crochet beginners (who doubted they would ever be able to make a letter at the start) finishing their panel.

So many in the group have shared with me how their involvement in this project has helped them in small and not so small ways and their plans to continue to crochet and continue to meet up. This lifts me up.

If you’d like to come and see the work it will be on display at the following places:

7th June East of England Well-Being Show, Newmarket

14th June Covent Garden Street Party, Cambridge.

12-13th July Unwind, Brighton (pending confirmation)

26-27th July Fibres East, Bedford

After the tour ends Sarah will display as many as she can at the Sheep Shop before they go to their final home. We are still looking for a final home for them but we are talking to mental health care providers as we’d love it to end up on a ward or waiting room wall to inspire and uplift.


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    Well done for sticking with it and seeing it through. I bet the end result will be greater than if your original plans had come about. Nothing like pressure to bring people together. Hugs, Chris x

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    Fabulous fabulous work! I’m so pleased to see the project continue through adversity. I hope to be able to see the finished results soon. well done to everybody.

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    Hi joanne, have e mailed you, have you thought of displaying the work at the Central Cambridge Library, kiara or Mumzie on Ravelry was suggesting this, she is a librarian. Also Addenbrookes has a art display scheme, hanging work along corridors, thay may want to house the display. Its a thought. The art outreach worker used to have an office at Brookfilds hospital,ground floor. Hope everything goes well, frances