Rainbow Loom Crazy

rinbow loom 2

This weekend our household has gone Rainbow Loom crazy. If you have a primary school aged child, you probably will already have hoovered up dozens of the tiny little elastic bands (as, according to my nine year old, we are the last people in the known universe (or his class at least) to get the set)

For those not in the know, its the latest craze. You use a peg board (or your fingers for simpler designs) to loop little elastic bands into bracelets, rings and charms.

Its been fun learning how to do it with the children. My five year old has been really determined and has mastered quite complicated patterns. And I’ve really enjoyed seeing them proudly wearing and giving away their designs.

rainbow loom

And I can’t help hoping that all this playing with hooks will make this craze a bit of a gateway drug for crochet!

Are you Rainbow Loom mad? Spotted any great tutorials on line?



  1. Miriana says

    My daughter has just been introduced to it at breakfast club at school and now must absolutely have some for her fifth birthday. I think it looks pretty fun.

  2. says

    I was sweeping them up this weekend too. I’m resisting the temptation to have a go myself – my first exclamation to the children being “Oh look! You get a little crochet hook too”! x

  3. says

    Yes – they’ve definitely been making their way into our house too! I’m waiting to get a loom until over the summer hols though so that it’s a nice activity when something quieter is required!