Our Summer Adventures

I promised you a post on our adventures back packing this summer and here it is.

When I announced to friends that we were taking the children back packing we were met with some smiles and congratulations but also a lot of worried looks and comments about our sanity. I had done a bit of backpacking in my twenties but my husband hadn’t done anything like it before.

We decided to keep it simple and have it heavily planned (sleeping in a train station because you couldn’t get a room just wouldn’t be cool with young kids!) I started the planning and booking in January and the itinerary slowly formed. Booking early was good because I saved a lot of money by getting the best prices on trains and flights and also had a better choice of places to stay. The kids and husband got new backpacks in the sales and we all started to get a bit excited!

And it was great!

travel collage

We travelled by train Cambridge to London then hopped on the Eurostar to Paris where we stayed 3 nights. We did the usual tourist kind of things, visited our old haunts, met up with a good friend (we lived in Paris for a year) and tried snails and frogs legs.

We then caught the TGV to Avignon for four nights where we explored, swam, canoed, learnt to braid hair, watched an amazing light show (Les Luminessences) and ate our own body weigh in ice creams.

Next was a TGV to Nice for three nights where we swam, played, splashed, caught trams, saw modern art, heard live music and had some crazy ice cream flavours.

A ferry took us to Corsica where we stopped for a bit of a beach break for a week. We swam, snorkelled, drank the local booze (grownups only!) had dinner on the beach at sunset, explored the old towns and market and had a treetop adventure.

A train across the island then a ferry took us to Italy where we stayed in Lucca for four nights of cycling, eating and drinking the most amazing food, pastries and ice creams and taking the traditional holding up the leaning tower shots in Pisa.

And finally a plane took us home again.

Lots of fun, not too many tricky moments and a fantastic experience for all of us.