A Walk in the Woods

I’m delighted to say that I have finally got around to releasing the pdf pattern for one of my favourite cardigans (EVAH!)

crochet cardigan A Walk in the Woods

Photo by Britt Spring

Eagle-eyed Not So Granny fans will have seen me sporting this many many times in my #makeitwearit posts on twitter instagram and facebook (and people who see me everyday probably wonder if I own another cardigan!) This sweater is just the perfect grab and go, goes with everything, snuggley number.

Looking through, I almost always wear it with jeans or other denim but I think that’s because its what I wear most. Here’s my top #makeitwear it looks for this cardie

ways to wear crochet cardigan

If you’d like to make your own version you can download the pattern here or go here for more information.

One of the reasons why this cardigan took so long to republish is that the yarn the original sample was made in has been discontinued. Next Tuesday I’ll talk you through the process a designer goes through to check a new yarn recommendation will work.

The bargain savvy amongst you will be pleased to hear that not only is the pattern being offered at half price (a BARGAINOUS £1.75) until Sunday night (no code needed, the checkout will automatically deduct it) AND this Friday I’ll be posting a cheap and cheerful yarn review to cut the price of making the jumper to under £40 (costs vary by size)