Hill Top Hat CAL

I’m really excited to tell you that I had a really positive response to the idea of running a CAL for my Hill Top Hat.



The very wonderful Crochet Camp group have agreed to host it in their facebook group for me.

For those that don’t know, a CAL is a Crochet-ALong where everyone makes the same pattern at the same time so that they can chat as they go, hold each others (virtual) hands, wave virtual pom poms. Its a really fun thing to be a part of and there will be small prizes too.

If you have never followed a pattern or made a hat before this is a great opportunity to have a go with a whole crowd of people, including me, the designer, willing to help you out if you get a bit stuck.

We’ll be starting the CAL on 3rd of November to give everyone a chance to get hold of the pattern and find the right yarn. The pattern is in Issue 10 of Simply Crochet if you have back issues lying around or you can buy it direct. There is a discount code available specially for people taking part in the CAL, which you will see when you sign up.

If you’d like to take part in the CAL head on over to the Crochet Camp page  and ask to join the group. After you are accepted there is a pinned post at the top about the CAL, sign up there. The group is so lovely and friendly, if you love crochet then you’ll love the group.

Hope to see some of you lovelyblog  readers joining in.


    • notsogranny says

      Sorry, facebook only this time. I’ve done ravelry before and will again but I can’t manage two places.