40 by 40 Update

Today is my half birthday. No, no need to get me a cake, really. Oh just a small one then, gluten free please.

But seriously this means I am just 18 months away from my 40th birthday and I set myself a challenge a while ago to do some things before I reach it.

Time for a long overdue catch up on my progress.

  1. Go blond.  –
    INCOMPLETE I have tried, I really tried but without hairdresser intervention I suspect it won’t happen!2014-08-15 15.35.31
  2. Create a Random Act of Kindness installation (inspired by A year without Supermarkets)
    DONE! I did this. It was a ton of fun. I printed some really awful puns and made it so they could be easily torn off the sheet and put the header “these are tearable puns” I put them up on trees and got my husband to put them up in his office. It raised a few smiles, especially mine.2014-01-21 15.32.09
  3. Drive a rally car.
    NOT ATTEMPTED  not yet. I’d forgotten about this one!
  4. Make a lampshade.
    INCOMPLETE not yet but I do have the kit and the material.
  5. Complete a Go-Ape course.
    DONE. We did this while we were travelling in Corsica. LOVED IT!
  6. Yarn bomb something in the village.
    DONE. We yarnbombed a bike for the tour de france and displayed it in the village charity shop.
  7. Make a dessert from my Desserts by Pierre Hermes book.
  8. Drive a Segway around a forest.
  9. Cook a dinner from Larousse Gastronomique
  10. Make a mug (from clay, on a wheel, glaze it, fire it.)
    INCOMPLETE – the class is booked!
  11. Draft a dress pattern, make and wear it.
    INCOMPLETE – I’m building up to this with making a dress, redrafting an existing skirt pattern. I will recreate a favourite dress I think and I have plans.
  12. Run a mile in 8 minutes.
    INCOMPLETE – I went out to start this one and ran a time of 8.20, thought oh this will be easy and never went out to practice anymore!
  13. Wear my hair plated in corn rows.
    NOT ATTEMPTED. But I am getting pretty good at braiding my hair.
  14. Take the family to a festival.
  15. Ride my bike into Cambridge.
  16. Design a business logo.
    DONE. I didn’t make a traditional logo but I changed my font around and shot the blog header which I also use on business cards. I think that counts.
  17. Weave a willow basket.
  18. Sing Karaoke.
    NOT ATTEMPTED – and it terrifies me!
  19. Reupholster dining room chairs.
  20. Raise £500 for charity.
  21. Watch a sunset on the west coast.
    DONE. We ate dinner as the sun went down over nothing but expanse of water on the west coast of Corsica this year. Bliss2014-08-19 20.18.51
  22. Knit something with yarn I have spun myself.
  23. Make my own wine.
  24. Have a pattern published in a US magazine.
  25. Have an article published.
    INCOMPLETE – its done but not yet published!
  26. Make a notebook (make paper, bind book.)
  27. Dye my hair a crazy colour (teal/purple? maybe just a stripe!)
  28. Make a meal entirely from foraged food.
  29. Invent/unvent a crochet stitch.
    DONE – but I do need to blog it. I used a stitch that I’ve never seen before to make the cuffs on the Dorothea Pocket Jumper. I’ll blog in detail when I release it for individual sale.
  30. Visit the V&A
    DONE – went with Vicki Brown when we met in London for Blogtacular. I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would :-(
  31. Dye a skein of yarn
    DONE – with the lovely Nicola and Lynne. Such a great day!
  32. Set up a website with a shop to sell my designs
    DONE – you are here!
  33. Make a photobook for the baby photos
  34. Cut a steek
  35. Have a screen free weekend
    DONE. A whole bank holiday in fact. It was fab.
  36. Produce a knitted collection
    DONE – its out on 10th December. That’s all I can say for now but sign up for the Eden Cottage Yarn mailing list if you want first news on it.
  37. Design and make a papercut
  38. Visit the Tate Modern
  39. Design a garment with a construction I haven’t used before.
    DONE – I suspect I hadn’t designed with seamless set in sleeves and the Dorothea pocket jumper has those. I also designed the Vanna cardigan with sideways construction and modified drop sleeves. SO its a definite tick
  40. Have a birthday party in a hired hall.
    NOT ATTEMPTED – I suspect this will be my 40th!

So I think I’m fairly on track to get this done. It feels like I’ve made progress and I’ll get there.


  1. says

    Can we encourage you forward with the karaoke one? Come to London, stay with Lisa (I’m sure she won’t mind!!) and we’ll go karaoke with all the knitting girls! You can do it :-)