Right brain thoughts #1

I don’t know why it took me so long to work out (but it did), as I am working so much less for magazines this year I have far fewer things that need to be kept secret and I can share more of what I’m interested in, whats inspiring me and what I’m doing.

I love these kind of peeks into other crafters thoughts and it will also prove as a jolly helpful trigger when I get a little creative block or forget what I planned to do! And I hope you’ll enjoy reading them too.

So what creative and crafty things are on my mind right now?

rbt 3_small

I’m all about the shawls at the moment – crochet ones to be specific. (this has led me to sing a song to the tune of All about the bass with new lyrics “I’m all about the shawls, ’bout the shawls, no cardies” – and now I am seriously hoping I am not the only person who does this kind of thing) I’ve got two shawl designs at the waiting to be published stage so you can expec to see them in the Spring (hint: ask for single skeins of gorgeous 4-ply for Christmas if you are a fan of crochet shawls too!)

This skein of lovely old maiden aunt yarn is destined to be another crochet shawl, the third in the series I’m planning and I think there may be beads involved. Its such a lovely mix of dark petrol colours. It kind of reminds me of a line in The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark (one of my favourites as a child) which says something about the night sky being all sorts of colours but never black. But I don’t have the book now and I listened to the story twice on jackanory and couldn’t find the line to share with you. :-(

I picked the skein up at Unwind in Brighton so it has lovely memories that will weave into the finished shawl. Its called to the dark and I think its going to be stunning when I’ve finished with it.


rbt 2_small


And on to another yarn crush. When I was working at The Sheep Shop last weekend, I couldn’t leave without grabbing a ball of this to make something quick and squishy (probably for myself or as a gift and not as a pattern.)  Its Rico Essentials Super, 50% wool and 50% acrylic in the romantically named ‘005’ colourway. Its super squishy and super turquoise. At the moment I’m thinking of a crochet star stitch cowl but we’ll see what happens when I get a hook out.


rbt 1_small

I am also wondering when I am going to have time to get the sewing machine out again to finish my version of the Delphine skirt by Tilly Walnes. I reckon there is about another hour or less of sewing left to do and I do so want to wear it soon. I am also contemplating another crochet shawl in a mustard coloured yarn to wear with it. What is it with me and the shawls!?

What is the right-side of your brain obsessing over this week?


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    I have the sing-asyou-work thing going when I spin. I cannot spin (Ashford wheel) without singing “the spinning song” I don’t know if that is its actual name but it begins … mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning, close by the window young Eileen is spinning…….( I am hearing it in Nana Mouskouri’s voice, not mine !) It really is one of those work songs which has a rhythm that helps you work.