Right brain thoughts #2

What have my creative juices have been gushing about this week?


I finally had a good chance to sit down and take a look through this book:

rbt crochet book

I love a good Japanese stitch dictionary and this is a fantastic one. The motifs are lovely, beautifully presented and styled. The thing I love most about this dictionary is that it shows not only the motif but how to join it and how it looks joined up. Very very inspiring.


rbt crochet book inside

And now I want to make all the motifs! (I am not normally that keen on motifs, too fiddley!)

I do have a special plan for the old maiden aunt yarn I showed you last week that includes a motif but just the one and no complicated joining. (cryptic, me?!) After many many false swatches with this yarn/shawl design and feeling like I was never ever going to get there I finally hit on the PERFECT design and now I am really really excited to start.

I also have been swatching with the Rico yarn I showed you last week: Its going to be a cowl so I wanted something richly textured, without holes but with a good amount of drape (a reasonably tall order in a super chunky yarn) after a bit of a play I decided to go with this pattern. What do you think?

rbt cowl



So that is the next couple of projects pretty much mapped out in my mind but I always need something to mull over too.

rbt two balls

I picked up both of these little beauties at Ally Pally last year and they are still sat in the stash. I had earmarked them for inclusion in the Suffolk Collection but work has rather halted on that right now. I am not feeling like knitting lately (after I created a knitted collection in 4ply over the summer) I keep being drawn to crochet and in particular shawls and neck wear. Both are beautifully soft and with a lovely sheen, I think they’d make fine shawls. I’m thinking of something a bit more squidgy and cosy than the lace I’ve been working on lately. That must be down to the turn in the weather…

What is your right brain working on this week?