Tuesday Tip: Will my hat fit?

how to tell if your top down hat will fit.

Those of you that didn’t spend the maths lessons doodling will probably know this already but I thought I’d share a quick and easy way to see if you have increased enough on a top down crochet hat.

Lots of crochet hats start by making a flat circle (by increasing evenly) then stop increasing and work the sides. Beanies, berets and tams can all be made this way. Whether you aren’t sure if you are working to the right tension, you are working without a pattern or you just want a sanity check here is what to do:

1/ Measure across the hat.

2/ Multiply that measurement by 3.14.

3/ The answer gives you the finished circumference of the hat if you worked without increasing from this point.

REMEMBER the style of the hat will determine whether the finished circumference needs to be bigger than your head (slouchy beanie, beret or tam) or slightly smaller than your head (fitted beanie.) To complete the former you’ll decrease again to make a brim that is slightly smaller than your head.