Christmas Right Brain Thoughts

The kids have broken up and so have I – the email auto responder is turned on and I won’t be back to my desk until 6th January. I shall be around a bit on social media and back to blogging after the break.

So what creative fun will I be having with the time off?

With (probably) no long car journeys in which to knit or crochet and a fair bit of  hosting (and all the cleaning, cooking and baking that entails) I’m not sure how much crafting I’ll be doing yet. I have two crochet shawls I’d like to get finished. One uses this luscious yarn and is in the “I’m not sure how much I like this design” stage of the design. I need to hold my nerve, make it and block it and then I know I’ll fall in love, I always do with crochet shawls.

rbt 3_small


The other is a striped smooshy shawl that is such a simple design that of course it is giving me no end of grief getting it JUST SO.

Here’s just the sneakiest peek of it. Aren’t the colours just lush together?



I plan to use at least one of the days to get Doris (the double bed knitting machine) out and pay a little more attention to her poor creaking latch hooks in the hopes I can knit something without stitches dropping off the edge. I was really hoping to make a gift for my mum for Christmas but it will have to be her birthday now. I really want her to have the first thing I make from the machine as she’s always been such a supporter of my crafts. She’ll be reading this (love you Mum!) so I shall say nothing about planned yarns or what the project might be for now but I’ll report back in the New Year.

Should any of this leave me anytime for something fun just for me I shall be knitting Antipodes by Truly Myrtle (here she is modelling, isn’t she beautiful? I’m hoping the shawl will make me look half as good!)



The pattern is in my Ravelry library and I have been stroking various skeins to ask them if they’d like to become this rather elegant scarf. I haven’t picked a winner from among the contenders yet though. I’m hoping to at least get cast on this holidays even if I don’t get it quite finished.

So Merry Holidays and Festive Festiveness to my readers everywhere. I’d love to hear about your crafting plans this Christmas.