Introducing The Bletchley Collection

After months of secret squirreling away I am so so pleased to be able to share with you my collection for Eden Cottage Yarns, The Bletchley Collection.

This is the first full collection for both Eden Cottage and myself and I couldn’t be prouder of it.  The range has been created for the beautiful and affordable mill dyed range that Victoria has developed, Milburn. Its a stunning 4ply yarn with 85% Blue Faced Leicester and 15% silk, its a joy to knit with and soft yet very resilient in wear. My aim was to create a supremely wearable collection of six pieces with a vintage theme but a modern feel.


The beautiful Milburn yarn range

I’ll quickly introduce the theme and each of the pieces today but follow up with a more in depth blog post for each – do check back for them over the next week or so.

The Bletchley Collection takes the work of the WWII code breakers based at Bletchley Park. The six piece collection explores themes of codes and the machinery they used to encode and break them and looks into the lives of the women who served there.

The six piece collection comprises:

Tunny: a crochet hat with colourwork.

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Baudot: a knitted hat with coded lace.

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Bombe: a knitted seamless colourwork cowl.

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Hut 8: a knitted seamless top-down cardigan.

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Hut 8

Hut 8

Colossus: a knitted seamless cabled vest.

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Morse Code: a crochet top down seamless cardigan.

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Morse Code

The patterns are also available as an e-book with additional essays about the inspiration and the yarn.

The patterns are available to buy now as individual PDF downloads, as an e-book and as individual paper patterns. Later the collection will be released as a book (expected March 2015) To order paper copies or pre-order the printed book please go to

Without wishing to be too Oscar speech about it all, a collection like this doesn’t come together on its own so I have lots of people I’d like to thank for their help. Thanks to my sample knitter Alice for helping out when the 4ply got the better of me. Massive thanks to the team at Bletchley Park who so kindly allowed us to hold the photo shoot on site. Thanks to Rachel Atkinson for the excellent technical editing. Thanks to Claire Devine for the beautiful layout. Thanks to Allison for launch advice.  Thanks to Katie for loaning me some extra wardrobe choices for the shoot. Thanks to Phil for the numerous times you took the kids out to let me get on with making and writing. And most of all, thank you so so much to Victoria, David and Jo, the Eden Cottage Yarn team for being so excellent, supportive and taking such stunning photographs.

All photographs copyright Eden Cottage Yarns.



  1. says

    These are SO lovely. My Mum was a BP Codebreaker. I shall have to treat myself with some of my Christmas money [she said, hopefully!] to yarns and a pattern. Now which to choose…

  2. Sue says

    Wow, Joanne, what a stunning collection, and the yarn looks simply lovely. Congratulations!

    That pulled-back ‘do really suits you. :)