Catching up

I am much recovered now – thanks so much for all the kind wishes. And now the catching up begins. This month sees me filing tax returns, ordering stock for our Edinburgh Yarn Festival stall and finalising patterns and preparing to publish a joint collection (its all crochet for the curious.) Pretty busy.

I realised I haven’t updated you on the progress over Christmas. I posted about my hopes in this post. #

rbt 3_small

The shawl made with this yarn (for the above mentioned collection) is made, blocked and written and is looking amazing (if I do say so myself)


This shawl is currently on the naughty pile, I finished it but I’m not happy, its just not coming out right at the moment. But I had a new idea yesterday on how to tackle it so it might come out again for attempt four. Ripping out stripes is not fun.

I did get a good chance to play with the knitting machine and I had hoped to machine knit MumĀ a gift but although Doris (the double bed singer) and I are much happier together now (no more dropping stitches) I’m still not quite good enough at it to produce anything proper yet. So while I was poorly I decided to cast on and knit mum something special.

I looked at making the Antipodes scarf for mum but I knew that my head wasn’t in the right place, its lace on both right and wrong side so normally my ideal type of knitting – interesting – but when you are feeling low you need something simple. I’d had my eye on the Quadratic shawl pattern by David O’Kelly for a while now. I noticed it when it was released and then got a chance to smoosh it when I met David and Victoria for the Bletchley collection shoot. I had been given a magic ball of yarn in the swap organised by Vicki Brown but I didn’t know anything about it and, because it had gifts wound into it I couldn’t weigh it to guess the yardage. I was pretty sure I didn’t have enough to finish the pattern as written but as I had lots of my chosen contrast colour I decided to wing it (I know!) Here is my version (pictured on the wrong side because I am a wally)

quadratic flat shot



And here is my lovely mum modelling it:

mum in quadratic


My project notes on ravelry are here. I have made myself a kind of new years resolution to put all my projects of 2015 into Ravelry. Its such a great way to organise and keep track and watch your progress – lets see how long it lasts!

What have you been up to?



  1. says

    Looking forward to seeing your new shawl and the crochet collection too :)
    I’ve been planning and knitting like a crazy lady – it feels good to get things finished!
    January is a bit of a juggle with summer holidays and lazy days – but it’s lovely not to be rushing out of the house in the mornings X

  2. Terry says

    Glad to hear you’re feeling recovered. I can’t believe it’s a whole year since the start of the one-in-six project and my learning to crochet! I’ve recently made two garments with crocheted trim and am well into a baby blanket – all thanks to you! Hope to see you soon. Tx