Fallen at the last furlong

flower crochet pattern


Today the kids are back in school and  I was supposed to be back at my desk; tackling the backlog of emails, catching up with social media and blogging, doing the dreaded tax returns.

But I have succumbed to the results of all the merry and am feeling distinctly unmerry.

I should have known really as I was the only one who didn’t get the bug over the break, I thought I had escaped but I was actually just back of the queue. If it goes the way of the others I shall feel shocking today then better tomorrow or the next. I imagine though that if I try to ignore it I shall make it last a full month. So I shall be doing the sensible thing today and taking to the sofa with my garter stitch shawl and an unchallenging movie or two whilst sipping on lemsips in the hopes I can kick this one in to touch pretty quickly.

Sorry if you are waiting on an email from me – but sending it today, it wouldn’t reliably make much sense.

Sniff sniff and upside down smiles.