Right Brain Thoughts 3

Another week and things have progressed on the admin front to the point where I no longer feel overwhelmed by it and I can therefore allow the creativity back round to play.

So what will be keeping my fingers busy and my creative thoughts occupied in the next week?



1: I’ll be knitting away on the comforting stocking stitch of my second quadratic. (And crossing my fingers I have enough yarn to complete it.)

2: This gorgeous skein from Eden Cottage Yarns (light wasn’t good enough to capture the full beauty) is being transformed into the final piece for the next launch for The Crochet Project. Its a motif based design so a little out of my comfort zone but I think I have it cracked.

3: My Mum and Dad managed to find me a fabulous stitch dictionary (that I don’t already own!!) for Christmas. I shall be spending time flicking through and maybe doing a little swatching and playing.

4: Another brilliant present from Mum and Dad. This book is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to having a good read this week. I’m already very drawn to a pair of socks with drawstring and twined stitches (new one on me!) I love a good knitting adventure and this book looks technique and history rich. An adventure from the comfort of my sofa – even better in a cold and very windy January.


What are you up to?