Catching Up

Oh dear, where does the time go. Its been two very crazy weeks since my last post. Sorry. I have tons of news though – read on!

As I write this post I’ve realised that for some reason I cannot load any new pictures up to the blog. The error message is throughly unhelpful so I shall have to investigate and get it fixed soon. In the meantime you’ll have to make do with actual words and maybe some old photos to pretty it up! I have so much to say anyway!

Since we last talked I have celebrated a whole decade of being a parent, ahem, I mean, my son’s 10th birthday. Then, almost before the candles stopped smoking I whizzed up to Edinburgh for the Yarn Festival. What a BLAST! Our stall was popular, SO busy and we met the most wonderful people. There is a lovely lovely blog post about the show which mentions and has a photo of our stall from Sol of A Crochet Journey. In the second part she talks about Shawls Project book and the class she took with me too. Her whole blog is lovely, her crochet has a wonderful aesthetic. I advise you go off an have a nose.

I am delighted to say that our book, The Shawl Project, that we took up as a show exclusive, sold out. Yes, sold out. I am beyond pleased that people like it.

teeny shawls pic

the shawls

We have now put it up on Ravelry to preorder as an e-book. It costs £10 as an e-book and it will be available from Monday (30th March 2015) if you pre-order (buy it before then) you’ll get a very generous discount code against our other patterns as a thank you.

The Shawl Project: Book One e-book £10   

Again I am astounded by the response to the e-book too. Thank you so much to everyone who has brought it already.

For those that like to be able to stroke the pages, we are setting up a way to pre-order the print book soon and anticipate it will be available towards the end of April. It will be £12 plus p&p. I’ll let you know when and where soon. If you are interested in wholesale get in touch via info at thecrochetproject dot com.

The canny amongst you may have noticed that the we are now calling it The Shawl Project: Book One – while in Scotland Kat and I had lots of time to plot and plan and there are some exciting things in the pipeline. As you can imagine, meeting so many of our customers face to face and finding out what they like and dislike has been very thought provoking. Watch this space :-)

Since I got back for Edinburgh I have been kept really really busy with some deadline knitting (a real rush for various reasons and prompted a lot of thoughts that I shall probably share soon. Consecutive days of 8 hours+ furiously knitting is not as fun as it might sound) and setting up a little etsy shop to sell the sew in care labels I had made for Edinburgh.

EYF sew in labels

The labels sold quite well at Edinburgh but the stall was almost always too busy for browsing carefully – a lot of people were sad they didn’t spot them. Never fear you can buy them here and here.

I’m also taking wholesale orders with Halfpenny Home at Alder Carr Farm in Suffolk being my very first stockist. If you’d like to stock them too, get in touch via notsogranny at gmail dot com.

They have been a massive success and some lines are getting low on stock so I’ll be re-ordering. Before I do I am running a little contest over on facebook. You can win some labels by suggesting a new line or by “liking” one of the suggestions already up. Head over there and give me your best shot – sweet or sassy?

I think that’s all the news I have for now. Next week is the Easter holidays her in the UK and I will be travelling a bit and working severely reduced hours. I may fit in a blog post but it would be unwise to promise. I still haven’t taken a day off since Edinburgh and I have a lot of I really really need a break. I have big plans for after Easter though and some nice ideas for new series and resurrections of old popular strands on the blog. If you have any thing you’d like to see me cover, do drop a request in the comments: I love hearing from you.

Speak soon.



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    Book 1?? :):):) That is awesome, exciting times for us crocheters! Thank you so much for the mention and nice words about my blog, it was lovely to meet you both!