Me Made May 2015

outfit 14 May 14Hi,

Its nearly May – that time of year where social media gets filled with people sporting their wonderful handmade items. Brain child of Zoe at So Zo What Do You Know blog  the challenge takes place for the duration of May and encourages everyone to wear their handmade and upcycled clothing.

As you probably, guessed I am pretty passionate about making to wear so I am really excited to be joining in the fun.

I joined in part of last year (I didn’t find out about it until mid-month when the hashtags kept appearing) and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the prompt to get wearing. I found it a really useful way to spot gaps in my handmade wardrobe, celebrate my favourite pieces and learn to love some others.

Here is my pledge:

‘I, Joanne of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2015 and complete a new item to wear’

If you’d like to make yours you can sign up here. Everyone chooses their own level of challenge from wearing an entirely handmade outfit to including handmade in 2 outfits a week. As long as it challenges you its all good.

I’ll be blogging the challenge and posting photos on twitter, instagram and facebook with the hashtag #mmmay15 and my own hashtag #makeitwearit



  1. Carie says

    One day I want to join in – I think it’s such a great idea and it’s always nice to give all the handmade a showing off, but right now unless I pledge to wear socks every day in May and knit myself a new pair in the process I think I will just have to enjoy watching everyone else and hope that it’s still going when I have enough time to make things for me again!