Right Brain Thoughts on a sunny April day

I have a rare working day at the end of the week – booked to try and plough through the backlog acquired during the easter holidays, getting through some admin (accounts) chores and making a start on a big new editing project that I didn’t quite expect to come in. My mind is fairly busy on the left side with the mundane, technical and practical but I’m making room for some joy, colour and creativity in this post.

24 april thoughts


1. These two beauties are planned for the Crafts from the Cwtch make-a-long starting next week. Are you going to be joining in? I’m plannign on making a Dissent by Lisa Mutch. the aim of the make-a-long is to push your crafting to the next level, whatever that may be and it is for knitting and crochet. I chose this pattern because I want to explore short row shaping a little more in preparation for my next crochet book. Quite a few people will be making something from (my)  The Shawl Project book and there is a little offer code on Sarah’s blog.

2. This is knitting for a magazine so I can’t say too much about it what it will be but I wanted to add it to show you how it knits up. I have to admit my heart sank when I recieved the yarn. Its Noro Kibou in Col 22. On the face of it, it’s all the things I don’t like to knit with: thick and thin, cotton (blended with silk and wool at least to redeem it!), madly variegated. But I have surprised myself and I really like the finished effect and its looking even better on a larger scale. Also it keeps treatig me with bold flashers of my favourite jewel shades but toned down with the neutral, almost grey base colour. The finished effect reminds me of an impressionist painting. So I guess the message of the day is don’t judge a yarn in the skein.

3. This weekend we plan to start adding some mad colour and fun into our boring garden with a climbing wall up the side of the garage for the children to play on. The masonry drill bit is going on and A&E is on speed dial!


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    Oh, I am so glad I read the post to the end, I could not work out how you would knit with those green and orange plastic things!! Do you follow Mags at fraise? [http://fraiselachrymose.blogspot.co.uk/] They have a climbing wall INSIDE !! blessings

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    I’m keen to experiment with short rows too – it’s prob a good idea to use a pattern! I thought I might dive in and make something up… xxx

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    It all sounds like fun … even the editing part! Good luck and may the workload pressure be evenly distributed. :)