Blogtacular 2015

As I sat on the train on my way to Blogtacular, I took a quiet five minutes to take a look through my notes from last year’s event. I’d been very methodical and reviewed notes from the sessions, adding action points. It was suddenly very clear to me that much of my success this past year has been down to ideas sparked at Blogtacular 14 and wrapped up, in part, into my year plan I made in September. A very good way to start the event, I began to wonder what inspiration I would get this year and how it will help grow my business.

I was rooming again with my good friend Vicki, who is also one of my very favourite crochet designers and bloggers and, heck, people!

me and vic

Meeting up with her is always lots of fun and having a chance to catch up and have a little industry gossip as well as news of her lovely family is always a treat.

The speakers at Blogtacular are very carefully chosen and were wonderful and inspiring again. My stand out talks this year were the opening keynote from Grace Bonney of Design Sponge about embracing change which inspired me and The Bare Bones of Photography by Kat Molesworth which taught me so much.

This year there seemed to be more to do outside of the talks too (and more time to do it in) I made a necklace, sent a letter to my future self and pitched to brands, got advice on styling at the creative genius bar as well as taking time out to chat to other attendees and sit and have a quiet crochet.

The goody bags were so awesome and bursting at the seams I can’t even show you it all so here are my very favourite bits…


(notebook from baggage reclaim, exclusive 3 month trial diary from lollipop, badge that reads “crafting is in my blood” from andsmile and a cute fox zippy pouch from Anorak)

…but we were also spoilt with books, magazines, cards and sweets from sponsors.

We finished the day with a lovely craft party sponsored by Pinterest and held at the beautiful West Elm store. A lovely chance to mingle and try out a few different crafts.

So what did I take away from this conference? I am not sure yet. But you can bet that I will take the time to digest all I learnt and make action points from my notes because that is where the real value comes in.

Thanks so much to the Blogtacular team and their wonderful sponsors for hosting such a great event. And I was able to make a little tribute to you all out of more of my lovely goodies…

blogtacular 2015

(Thank you card from Jennie Maizels, Bloggers poster from the lovely drawer, well done pennant from planes workshop, blogtacular wristband, models own!)



  1. Carie says

    I’ve come home buzzing with so many ideas I really need to make sure that I sit down and unpack them all – a 2 year plan sounds like such a great idea to incorporate it all :)

  2. says

    Really like that you added action points to sum up your notes. I need to apply that to my notes too! Loved seeing your transposition shawl in action on Saturday x

  3. says

    I love the idea of adding action points! I have started to mentally work out how I want to apply what I have learned but writing it down helps me stick to it.

  4. says

    Action points are such a good idea! I filled so many pages of my notebook, I definitely need to channel all those tips & all that positive energy into actual plans to move forward :)