Handmade capsule packing

This weekend I am leaving the children in the very capable hands of my husband and heading to the big smoke for a weekend of fun, learning and creativity at Blogtacular.

The weather forecast is especially British this weekend, it could be very hot or very not hot, maybe rain, maybe not so I need to take a variety of things that can layer and be worn in different ways. I am travelling by train and tube  so only want to take a small overnight bag but because I am networking it is really important (to me and maybe my business) that each outfit centres around something handmade.  I want to look good at the different events because its instagram heaven at blogtacular!

I thought I’d take you through how I packed for the event and afterwards (if I remember to take them!) I will show you how the outfits went together from what I took.

When I capsule pack I like to stick to colour schemes so that everything goes with everything else. I chose grey and black this time which will be livened up by turquoise or red crochet shawls.



The handmade items I am taking:

Alyssium cardigan – its pretty, its light and it goes with everything here.

Cherry Pi shawl, adds a pop of red to any of the possible outfits.

Transpostion shawl, as above but a turquoise pop.

What I am paring it with:

Summer dress – not sure I’ll wear it, if I do it will be to the craft party.

4 t-shirts in shades of grey and black: a vest, a low cut tee, a regular tee, a long sleeve tee.

Long grey skirt from Gap that can also be worn as a dress.

A knitting needle bracelet – I don’t wear much jewellry but this sums up my personality and will really go nicely if I am wearing transpostion.

Wide legged black patterneed  trousers – a new purchase that I’m a little unsure about but think I like. I am vaguely expecting a call from 1992 asking for their trousers back! :-) They are very comfy though and, I hope, quite  elegant.

Super comfy but pretty flats and a pair of heels that were made for paring with cherry pi.

(My mum reads this and I know she might be worrying – Mum its okay there are undies and pyjamas packed too, just not pictured!)

I think this gives me quite an array of possible outfits. I am super excited about the conference now!

Do you have a system for packing for weekends away?


  1. says

    This is a fab capsule wardrobe for a blogging event – nice handmade bits to show off and some really versatile pieces. I’ve been looking at those Gap skirt/dress jobbies for a while – glad to hear they’re wearable – I might indulge! xx

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    Tee Hee, love your comment for your Mum about your undies. When I was a student, if my Mum knew I was going away for a weekend, she’d send me 2 new pairs of pants in the post. HER mother used to be very fussy about always wearing decent underwear ‘in case you get run over by a bus’
    The knitting needle bracelet is cool!! Have a fantastic weekend xxx

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    Similar system to yours – pick a colour scheme and add accessories for pop. The hardest trips to pack for are the ones that combine athletic and social pursuits – all those specialised shoes take up too much space!

    I always try to wear something I’ve made – even if it’s only a crochet bracelet or two.

    Just read the following post – your outfits worked out beautifully, and the Cherry Pi with that dress and the fun red shoes is a stunner!