How I rocked it

Thank you so much for all the kind feedback about my packing post, here and on social media. I am glad it is a useful thing to see – I don’t get away ever so much but I shall try and remember to blog the capsule each time I do.

I thought you might like to see how I put the outfits together over the three days and my thoughts on the packing.


fri night

Friday I arrived (sadly too late for the planned dinner but in time to grab a bite with my good friend and room mate Vicki in a pub near the hotel)

It was hot and humid as hell on the train, streets and especially in the hotel room. The wide legged trousers and vest top kept me cool and the transposition shawl finished off the look and I felt smart. Worn with flat sat day sandals.

On the Saturday day it was a little cooler and more comfortable. I wore Alyssium cardigan and the Transposition shawl with a long grey skirt and black vest with flat sandals. I was glad I chose the vest as the day quickly warmed up it was really hot in the venue and the Alyssium cardie stayed in my bag all day. It was nice and comfortable for all the walking we did.

On the Saturday Night I glammed it up a bit for the Pintacular craft party, breaking out a summer dress and heels with Cherry Pi shawl. I am so pleased these work well together as the yarn was chosen especially to make something glamorous to team with these lovely little shoes.


sat night

On the way home I wore the wide legged trousers, grey t-shirt, Alyssium cardigan and flats (but failed to get a picture, I was a bit tired by then!)

So what didn’t I wear? Only two t-shirts (I had packed a variety in case the weather was a bit cooler) and my knitting needle bracelet – I forgot to put it on :-( I’m not good with dress jewelry! Pretty good packing I think. I am very glad that I didn’t assume I would be able to wear the skirt as a dress in the evening. Even not pulling it tight over my hips it was still far too stretched to stay up as a dress after a days wear – I do wonder if it will be even okay to wear as a dress with that little elasticity/memory in the fabric. I am not sure I could pull off a wardrobe malfunction of that magnitude!

Packing and blogging this has made me think about how I wear handmade and how I use key basic pieces to set my handmade off to its best advantage.

Tomorrow I shall tell you all about the wonderful time I had wearing these lovely clothes at the truly fabulous Blogtacular. An extra day to digest it all will lead to a more coherent post I hope.