Me Made May 15: a retrospective

So here we are in June. Since my last post I have had a lovely break from work – we celebrated my birthday and went camping for a few days. I feel much refreshed and my creativity and problem solving abilities have returned (hooray, I rather need them!)

As you may have read or seen on social media, I took part in the Me Made May challenge and set myself the task of wearing something handmade every single day in May and to complete a new wearable for myself (this also doubled as taking part in the Crafts from the Cwtch makealong)

Well I am pleased to say I did it and here is a little collage of some of the best outfits


And here is the beautiful shawl I finished


It is made from Lotus tibetan cloud, which is soft as kittens and amazing to wear. It has already been pressed into much service. I love it.

The purpose of the makealong was to learn something new so I challenged myself to learn how the short row shaping for these multi coloured shawls works. You may well expect to find this expanded upon and written about for the second book in the Shawl Project series but I couldn’t possibly comment. (to paraphrase FU from House of Cards)

So what did I learn during Me Made May?

  • I have plenty to wear, I didn’t struggle at all. If I banned shawls next time then it might be a bit tougher.
  • I actively enjoy choosing the handmade first and building an outfit around it. It made me consider my store bought wardrobe more than my handmade, how it needed to evolve into more plain basics that allow my handmades to do the talking. I am not much of a shopper nowadays so this will be a slow progress but as things wear out and need replacement I will be thinking about it.
  • I get selfie fatigue. Taking a picture of your outfit everyday is draining and I had to give myself a few breaks. There were plenty of times when wearing handmade meant a cosy cardigan (Vanna and Walk in the Woods) and scruffy jeans with hair scraped back. I think that is perfectly reasonable and I love that my handmade wardrobe  is such a continual comfort to me but neither do I particularly want to record it and share it on the internet.
  • I love love love Hut8. there is not an outfit that that cardigan doesn’t go with!
  • If there is a gap in my wardrobe then it is for a going out top – I often wear Carolyn out but its now time to rotate that for everyday more.
  • I have a bit of a shawl obsession. I think this is okay.

Did you take part or enjoy watching the #mmmay15 hashtag? What did you learn?