Mummy, are you famous?


Having nice photos of yourself is a plus of being a bit crochet famous! :-) (photo by Victoria Magnus for Eden Cottage Yarns)

Yesterday I was listening to myself on the a playful day podcast where I am being interviewed with Kat about The Crochet Project and our creative inspiration, collaboration and our upcoming plans.  One of the kids wandered in and recognised my voice and asked if that meant I was famous, obviously I told them “yeah, pretty famous!” jokingly followed by “maybe a little bit crochet famous – but that’s not like being a pop star.”

But I do feel pretty special to be interviewed by Kate and quite overawed by the previous guests she has had in the slot: Hannah Fettig, Ysolda and Bristol Ivy to name a few – all bona fide knitting celebrities and designers I respect and admire. Anyway, go have a listen, we slipped in a few secret plan announcements and I don’t sound like too much of a dork (go me!)

Another thing making me feel pretty darn famous right now is being whisked off to Switzerland to teach: international crochet jet set elite, thats me! Yes, I will be teaching at Swiss Wulle in Zug, this October. I have never been to a non-UK yarn festival so I am very excited. I will be teaching in English (my French and German are way too sketchy to be able to speak confidently) but luckily working in Cambridge has given me a fair bit of practice of teaching to people who do not have English as their first language (forcing myself to slow down, define crochet specific terms well and avoid colloquialisms mostly.) I’ll be teaching Crochet Shawls and Making Crochet Wearable. Flights are still looking fairly cheap to Zurich if you fancy a yarny city break in the most eye poppingly beautiful town.

And while we are on the announcements: Kat and I will be having a stall at Yarndale this September 26th and 27th in Skipton and we will be launching The Shawl Project Book Two there. I hope I will get to meet lots of you at the show, I know it is a very popular one to attend, particularly among crocheters. Do let me know if you are going.

Book Two is starting to come together, the design I talked about here that gave me so much trouble is sat behind me blocking now and I am head over heels in love with it. All written up, all charted and  ready for editing. It was worth every single scribbled out chart, scrapped instructions and ripped out swatch. Design two is also nearing completion having been much less problematic to develop: the fifth swatch was a charm! You will be pleased to hear that it is no less lovely for it’s lack of anguish in the design process. I cannot wait to show off these designs! Or to start swatching for the next, its like an addiction…