Let the yarn do the talking…

chester wool co camel

(Subtitled: the episode where Joanne anthromorphises a simple skein of yarn.)

Look, look! Isn’t she beautiful? Such a soft, silky, sheeny yarn, colour of flaxen hair with a beautiful drape and the softest handle ever. The queen of yarns, an equal  blend of baby camel and silk. Glides over a hook like butter. Sheer perfection. She doesn’t even use dye, this is her natural colour!

But what a DIVA of a yarn! She knows what she wants to be and was not going to be anything else.

I had firm plans you see. I pictured cables to look like golden plaits running down the back of the shawl. I even had a name for the shawl. But no. The yarn would not yield to this idea at all. I don’t know if I am imagining it but I swear that the yarn was tangling every five stitches on my idea of the shawl but hasn’t tangled once since I went with what the yarn is asking.

Apparently this yarn wants to be celebrated with lace and just a little texture as a large glamorous wrap. Well, who can blame her darling…?

So far we have agreed on lace pattern and shaping but are still in discussions about the exact  stitch pattern on the body. But I am feeling confident that my final pattern for Book Two of The Shawl Project  (launching at Yarndale) is well on the way…

(yarn is Chester Wool Co Silk Camel 4ply purchased from The Sheep Shop)

PS the other designs are with Kat now so check our instagram feed for teasers in the near future…

PPS if you would like patterns that I have already beaten into submission, our first book is available in ebook or print here.