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It is busy busy here. I am compiling long to do lists and scratching my head about quite when I might fit in a little sleeping! As long time readers will know, I have a young family and always strive to spend the school holidays with them. This means a dramatic reduction in working hours for about eight weeks, which in turn means that the last few weeks of term are a frantic rush of pattern writing and editing and generally trying to make sure the bulk of day to day work is tidied up before the term ends. Last week ended with a crashing realisation that I had one week less than I thought I had as my youngest’s nursery school breaks up the week before the school does. Such is life!

where its at 7 jul 2015


The first book of shawls has just gone into its FIFTH print run – I just cannot believe how many we have sold in less than four months, and that is on top of the success of the e-book version. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought a copy and a very special thank you to everyone who has uploaded projects to Ravelry and shared their beautiful makes on social media – you have done sterling work in spreading the word and sharing the love.

The second book of shawls is coming along nicely. It is taking longer to put together than the first book as the shawls are all much bigger, each using two skeins rather than one. The ability to play with colour a little more, using two different skeins, in this book has been an interesting challenge and opened up a world of pattern and texture. I am so in love with what I have created so far and can’t wait to show you more than the sneaky glimpse above. The thrill of the planning phase is still going on. This week has been about playing with stitch patterns and learning about a new (to me) knitted shawls tradition so that I can apply the shaping to a crochet shawl for the book. I find it absolutely fascinating to research using old books and the internet so I can write about it and bring it to a new audience. The shaping is designed to help it sit well on shoulders so it is practical as well as decorative – coming from a time when shawls were day to day workwear.

What’s on your hooks or needles this week?