Looking ahead

I like to make plans September to September – it just feels much more natural and sensible to flow with the school years at the moment as each brings change for me and my young family.

Last year’s word was STRENGTHEN as I wanted to make sure my business was ready for the challenges of going full-time, but I also applied it to all areas of my life. (you can see what goals I set myself here and how I did here)

This year I have all three children in school and my childfree hours shoot up from just 10.5 a week to a whopping 29! This is a massive change for me, its been 10 and a half years of being pretty much a full-time mum and four of those I have worked very part-time building up this business.

So the word I have chosen to set my goals around this year is


Pace has many resonances for me this year…

A change of pace:

With my life/work balance changing dramatically this year, I want to establish a way of working and living that is healthy, works for me and my family and is sustainable in the long term to avoid burn out.

I still want to take the school holidays off (no childcare at any rate) – if there is one thing that packing your youngest off to school teaches you is that all this is fleeting and I don’t want to miss out on them. I find that school holidays off works well for my sanity and creativity anyway but I am aware of the challenge this year that it will be more of a shock because I have much more time in term time.

I don’t want to be doing cleaning and tidying on the weekends, so I need to find a way to fit that into the working day that is productive.

Aside from teaching I don’t want to work weekend and evenings, although I will always use that time for sample making because I knit and crochet to relax anyway.

And I am DETERMINED this year to make time to exercise.

Pace myself:

I think it will be a very gradual process this year; working out what pace I can comfortably work at, how much work I can take on, and setting up regular advertised office hours. I need to work out what is the correct mix for me of teaching, editing, writing and designing.

Regular pace:

I want to have a regular pattern release schedule going forward. In the past I haven’t been at all good at this but I would like to have a major project release once every six months and an individual pattern out every other month at least. I was thinking about this in terms of cooking:

one brewing, one stewing and one bubbling

that is, one that is the next idea I know I’ll work on, one that is currently in progress and one that is newly released for you all to get excited about.

I also want to apply the regular pace to blogging. I hope to start blogging more for The Crochet Project – we haven’t really done that yet but I think we should. So I need to manage two blogs, pace is important.

Set the pace:

I want the work I produce, particularly through The Crochet Project, to be held up as industry leading in terms of style and production quality. Basically I want to be a designer to watch.

I understand this is a very lofty goal and who knows if it is achievable ( and I certainly  hope noone thinks it smug) but by having this goal I will strive for the very best designing and pattern writing I can.




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    We must talk once you settle into things – I find the day sounds long but whips by so fast. Plus – I want to do so much with that time I find the juggle with housework and exercise a challenge… More and more I’m relegating groceries and cleaning to the weekend!
    Love your lofty goal – it’s a fabulous one and you deserve it too xxx

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    Sounds like a great word – especially reminding yourself not to sprint but to keep a steady pace and remember to focus on all areas of your life

    Happy start of the year!