Reverse Gear (in more ways than one)


Over on The Crochet Project blog today I am introducing Reverse Gear – the fifth of the five shawls from The Shawl Project: Book Two. I won’t blog about the process again here as I talked about it back in June. In summary: it was blooming hard won and loved very much for that!


small reverse gear


The Shawl Project: Book Two is available to download immediately as an e-book (pdf) for £10 or order in print for £12 +p&p.
(The link for the ebook takes you directly to paypal to complete the transaction.)

And with that my life slips somewhat into reverse gear for a little while. This week is half-term for us so I have the week off to be with the children and visit my sister and nephews (always such a treat as I don’t get to see them nearly often enough), I’m then back at my desk catching up for a week before starting at least two weeks of Jury Service.

So until at least the 23rd November my out of office reply is on to warn people that emails may not be responded to in a timely manner. You aren’t supposed to work in the evenings or weekends while on Jury duty as you need to be really alert in court. I’m hoping they at least let me crochet in the waiting room between cases so I can get a little bit done.

I will be popping up here to blog I expect – we have a new pattern release so I’ll certainly want to tell you about that…

And on that cliff-hanger I shall leave you until I next get a moment to pop in!


  1. says

    I don’t see why you wouldn’t be allowed to crochet while waiting around on jury service. I’ve managed to escape having to do jury service so far!