Switzerland and the obligations of blogging

Oh dear! I bumped into a neighbour and friend yesterday who exclaimed that she was glad I was okay because she worried when she saw I hadn’t blogged yet about my trip to Switzerland. It’s okay everyone, I’m fine! Well, I am now, the week since I returned very late on Sunday night has mostly been spent on the sofa or in bed with poorly kids and poorly me at various points. Everyone is safely back to work and school now though.

So Switzerland and Swiss Wulle! The sun shone and I spent the weekend in good company of those who understand gleeful shouts when you find just the right skein of yarn. We learnt the importance of being specific when you order beer. Old friends were caught up with and new friends made, shawls and cardigans were admired and yarn was squished. The burgeoning lace weight stash was added to and I found a new favourite project bag…

swiss wulle