I’m back

Half term is long over (sadly) and Jury Service is done! I had the dubious honour of making it all the way through without having to ponder any verdicts as each case collapsed before we had a chance.

There was a lot of sitting around waiting in the jury room so I got a lot of crochet done. I am almost through a cardigan for a forthcoming book and a blanket for a magazine. The crochet was most frustrating because security wouldn’t allow me to take metal hooks through the the jury room as they were apparently a security threat. I am not sure why, keys are surely as dangerous but were allowed through. Anyway, rules are rules and I was allowed to take through bamboo hooks. I’m not a massive fan of bamboo hooks, it really slowed up my progress and my wrist is still hurting a littleĀ into the middle of the following week from the strain caused by it. It did inspire me to write a post on The Crochet Project blog about how to choose the right hook for you though.

right crochet hook


First thing back on Monday I had a good planning chat with Kat and we are all geared up to do the work needed to get us to a very busy Spring. I can’t say too much more yet but we are very excited about it. Not least as it is a jolly good excuse to get together for a photo shoot too!

And so, I have much making and pattern writing to do. It feels strange after lots of admin and editing and other kinds of desk work to be back doing my favourite part of the job almost exclusively for the next month or so. I shall try and keep blogging to keep you up to date with what I am up to as much as the secretive nature of the design phase allows.

I’ll leave you with a little teaser of something I’ve been working on lately….

2015-11-11 15.05.27


PS There is also a lovely article in the most recent issue of Inside Crochet about me as a “crochet entrepreneur” (sounds awfully grown up to me!) – have a look if you get a chance.


  1. Rudi O says

    So glad to see you back!
    Have you tried using wax paper (USA term for it) to rub over the hook. I’ve used it on my metal hooks when I’m using a stiff yarn, it increases the glide a bit. For a Bamboo hook, you might need to rub quite a bit of wax on it to ‘fill in’ the rough spots.
    Good Luck with your hand and have a great holiday!
    Rudi O

    • notsogranny says

      I lightly filed and used furniture polish on the first hook to no avail. Then i borrowed a better quality bamboo hook which was okay but just not as good for me as my usual hooks. I didn’t realise until now how much difference it makes to me.

      • PJ says

        I feel the same about bamboo hooks. I keep it for travelling In case of that stupid ‘weapon’ excuse. It’s just whatever is unfamiliar is automatically seen as a threat, which is why biros and keys are fine but crochet hooks not. I will try the wax though :-)