Christmas Craziness

christmas wreath

Not the good kind but not the bad kind either.

I was going to do a lovely picture rich post of all these things but I can’t make wordpress show my instagram pictures and I have no time to resize them all for the blog so if you want a visual trip through my Christmas preparations then do hop over to see my instagram feed where it is all beautifully illustrated  but here are the words:

The past few weeks have been categorised by very broken up working days – there have been a million things going on in the school and community that require me to be here or there or remember to bring this or that. While I enjoy seeing the kids get excited as Christmas approaches I find it all quite stressful as I balance all the extra shopping, cleaning etc that I need to do. However it has not been all bad…

For the past few years I have declared a “deadline-free December” which means I don’t take on any commissions due in December because it is such a hectic time. I did this again but I do have lots and lots of things to finish off for a The Crochet Project shoot we have scheduled for the end of the year. I’m back making cardigans and I forgot how much I love designing them! Its been a real treat to sit with large amounts of yarn and play with little details and work on getting the fit just so whilst making them very easy to adapt and adjust.

Preparation for the shoot also included sewing four dresses for it! I am not a much of a dressmaker – I did a fair amount in my early twenties but that was mostly very small dresses from very cheap fabrics to wear clubbing that didn’t need to be too well finished as I’d only wear them a handful of times before refashioning or recycling. Now I want to work with lovely fabrics and make things that will last for years and years (and cover a bit more of my thigh ideally too!) It made me a bit scared to try. So actually having to make to a deadline was a very good ice breaker for me. I did pretty well, they aren’t perfect but they are good. I learnt a lot and I really loved doing it. So much so, that I’ve signed up for a pattern cutting class next term at my local leisure learning college.

I finished up the week by giving my studio a jolly good sort out and clean. Gosh its a joy to be in now its cleaned, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Its gone back to being a little sanctuary from the chaos of marauding children and guests – and not a moment too soon with the holidays looming!

The kids have finished all the nativity performing and have been packed off wearing Christmas jumpers for their last day of school today so I will be trying to tie up loose ends and switching the out of office reply firmly on.

I don’t plan to blog again until next year but will be popping my head into social media and posting pictures on instagram and facebook no doubt if you want to keep in touch.

As you can imagine there is not last minute gift making for me this year but if you are then you might like the gifting guide I wrote on The Crochet Project blog (with time guides!)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year





  1. says

    Phew! Hope you manage to have a good break over Christmas, too. It can all get a bit crazy. Have been enjoying seeing your sewing progress on Instagram lately :)

  2. says

    Can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Insta already!
    I’ve been working my way through The Shawl Project book 1, most of which will be Christmas presents.

    WordPress tip: you should be able to just copy and paste the Instagram link into the post content and it will automatically embed.

    • notsogranny says

      Yes that’s what I was doing but it wouldn’t imbed. No idea why but I’ve had loads of follows so it was a happy accident really. I post on instagram more than anywhere.