In a spin

Well, its been a little while since I last blogged. January and the first part of February have passed in a fit of busy.

I’ve been doing a lot of work crochet (two book deadlines and a variety of commissions) and whenever I put the hook down I had a quick spin. I’ve got to the fun stage of spinning where I kind of know what I’m supposed to be doing, can manage to make my hands do it most of the time and am having fun experimenting. So far I have spun about 200g worth.

This picture shows two I spun and one I’m trying out for review:

2016-02-11 11.23.09


The grey green yarn is the first spinning I did. Its probably knittable but has a few “interesting characteristics” My second lot of spinning I forgot to photograph because it was a gift for Kat but I think it came out rather well and the stuff on the bobbin is a batt from Spin City than I have managed to spin really nice and fine and chain plyed to preserve some of the colour repeats. (get me, I almost sound like I know what I’m doing!?)

The pink yarn is not spun by me (One day I might be able to achieve that but not yet!) It is a trial skein of Tamar, a new yarn being released by Blacker Yarn that will be released on 3rd of March. Its a lovely rustic feeling yarn but it has really lovely drape. I’ve been having a play and will almost certainly release a design in it later in the year. I was particularly pleased with the way I wound it. A lovely blog reader, Christine, got in touch to explain the method her Nanny used to use to wind a centre pull ball without any equipment and I had to give it a go. A little more practice and I shall do a little tutorial I think.

I took a lovely business trip up to Scotland where we shot the photos for not one but two books! The first book is with the printers as we speak and will launch at Unravel on 19th February. I’m so in love with the beautiful pieces and the way Kat has captured them on film. You can take a look at all the patterns in the look book below.

We had a new member on team “The Crochet Project” this time. My mum has joined the gang as Chief Executive Officer of Literary Excellence. (She is a super doopa proof reader!) Welcome Lin and thank you for sorting our errant apostrophes, homonym errors and run on sentences (amongst other mistakes.)

I shall be at Unravel for the weekend helping launch the book and teach a class on Textured Crochet (there are still a few spots left) at just £30 for a three hour class including festival entry its a bit of a bargain.

So yes I’ve been busy. What have you been up to?