Telling tales

telling tales

Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is communication.

When I started Not So Granny, this little blog was the main way I communicated and it is out of this blog that a fledgling business grew and took flight. But running a business puts different pressures and strains on time, and this blog space has fallen fallow several times over the years when I’ve been too busy. It feels like it is lean times now.

I am writing a fair bit lately for my business (patterns, tutorials and articles for magazines, class handouts etc) and an awful lot for The Crochet Project business (books, individual patterns, blogging there) so I don’t always have the time or energy to come and write some more here.

I’ve pretty much decided that the majority of technical articles and tutorials will be blogged over on The Crochet Project blog rather than here as we continue to grow that business and brand. So if you have a blog reader or system for keeping track of blogs then make sure you add The Crochet Project to it.

So where does that leave this blog? I certainly don’t want to let it go because it is a nice place to be able to talk at length about things that interest me and what it is like to work as a freelance designer, writer, editor and teacher and how that works in reality with a growing family. So I will still be posting here but just using it as a place to chat I think. I probably shall need to have a bit of a blog tidy or possibly full overhaul soon to reflect that change (I need to remove things like classes that I am dreadful at keeping up to date)

One place I am finding myself spending a lot more time online lately is instagram. If you don’t follow me there please do! Inspired by *A Playful Day and her #themakersyear hashtag, I’ve been thinking about how I can use images and a sentence or two to tell stories about what I do, what inspires me and what its like to be a designer. I took the free taster class from Makelight to help me start thinking about using instagram this way and improving my shots. (It is very good and am deciding whether to take another online class with them or splash out for the in person class.) One idea I had was to link my instagram feed into the blog somehow for that those who prefer reading blogs or might not be on instagram, I might have to speak to the developer who originally worked on the blog redesign to make that happen.

I’d love to here your thoughts, either as comments her or on facebook, twitter or instagram!

*A Playful Day podcast has just relaunched – it is one of my favourites for inspiring creativity and making me think more deeply about craft.


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    I think that moving in line with how your business/ work is developing is a natural progression. I know a few people with their own blogs who also design and post on a “company” blog and it is a heck of a lot of work. I admire anyone who makes a commitment to communicate with their followers/customers. I personally do not use Instagram, it baffles me tbh but it is possible to view pictures on Instagram if you don’t have an account via a Hyperlink to that page. I believe an individual has to do what will best support what brings in customers. Blogs are a very personal thing that people feel protective over and I get a sense of that from your post. This blog set you on your way almost and is a record of how your business/ profile has grown… Kind of your own professional history! That must be a very special thing. This may be a nice place to get opinions on ideas you have or just to share something cool. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that all.

    As far as social media goes, Facebook just gives me a headache- there is almost too much there, impossible to just dip in and out or focus on one subject. I use Twitter but not that often. I confess to being a Pinterest junkie and I have a G+ page kinda cos I have to. I have found social media is a case of personal taste and people are loyal to the platforms they like. Blogs are something that cross the divide of all platforms as they can be “shared” and of course cater to people who have little or no interest in social media. Concentrating what will grow your business through one blog that can be shared or linked in so many ways sounds like a sensible plan.

    I will certainly add The Crochet Project blog to my regular reading list. There are a lot of helpful and interesting posts on here though and is a great reference. Good luck with your patterns, books and other things you do.

  2. Melody A. says

    I think it is wonderful to just have a space to record your thoughts that you are willing to share with others. I found this blog from Mr. Micawber’s blog. Take care, from Iowa