All the Crochet Cardigans!

Hey! Its been a while!

You can bet your bottom dollar that if I am missing I have either been knee deep in finishing up a big project or have had school holidays to contend with. In this case both!

But I am very pleased to finally be able to share with you (some of) what I have been working on:


A book of crochet cardigans! Above is Kippen by Kat Goldin – yes this is a collaboration again for our joint business, The Crochet Project.

The book contains three patterns, each designed to be simple to make and simple to wear and to suit a wide range of body types and sizes – each cardigan is sized from baby to a UK woman’s size 26 (You can imagine the spreadsheets required to keep track of all those numbers!)

I’ll admit, we were slightly nervous about the book. We know you all love shawls and have happily come along on that journey with us (see The Shawl Project Book One and Book Two). A growing band of you have trusted us that crochet socks are now as in love as we are (see Saunders and Evesham) But crochet clothes persistently get a bad rap so we hoped that you would trust us again and believe us when we say that these are so very wearable and flattering. And preorders have exceeded all our expectations, so thank you!

The book is called Three From The Top and is available in print for £12 or as an e-book for £10. You can see lots of pretty photos and all the technical details on the Ravelry page.

We will be launching the collection at Wonderwool Wales this weekend. (23rd and 24th April 2016) If you are coming to the show, do pop by and say hello: we are in Hall 1 at stand B6. (We have a few more new lines at the show too, which I will talk more about soon.)

If you can’t make it to Wales then you can come and see the cardigans at The Sheep Shop in Cambridge on 7th May 2016 from 4pm. We will be having a little trunk show and book signing (if you’d like)

We are taking pre-orders online for the print book (which we have limited to 50 copies and are now mostly sold) until tomorrow. These first copies will be shipped out early next week. If you miss the first fifty or order after tomorrow then you will still be able to preorder but it will probably not be shipped until 5th May.

The e-book is also on pre-order and will be released on 27th April.

I shall be back with lots more details and stories behind the designs and no doubt a recap of the show after my busy weekend at Wonderwool.