Let’s catch up!

I’ve been away a while. Sorry.

Life has rather got in the way and left little chance or inclination to blog. Much of what has stolen my attention is either not my story to tell or not one I wish to. I was utterly shaken by the EU referendum result – I think this will be wave after wave of sadness for me as the sorry tale unfolds but I am going to try not to let it affect me as much as the initial shock did.

But it has not all been doom and gloom while I’ve been away. There have been lots of interesting and exciting things happening.


I went to the wonderful Ickworth Wool Fair with my lovely friend Alice. Much yarn squishing was done.

I turned 40! Great fun, not feeling old in the slightest. I was thoroughly spoilt with loads of wonderful presents: a LOT of gin which I am diligently working my way through, some beautiful jewelry and the most perfect bike ever.

(And no, I did not complete my 40 by 40. I did do quite a lot and I might revisit it at some point but by the end I would have been doing them just for the sake of it and that didn’t feel right.)

I released, Contour, my best selling pattern ever! Pretty wow! I could not believe it. Kat and I kept texting each other on release day “have you seen how many?!” And so many people are making it which is really exciting. (it is available to buy here as a pdf or here┬áin print if you are interested)

I met the wonderful Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch for a day of coffees and fabric shopping in London and Louise Tilbrook for a day of coffees and fabric shopping at Burwash Manor. (see a trend here!?) both meet ups were very fun and inspiring.

I’ve been sewing again inspired as always by the Great British Sewing Bee.

I got featured in a national daily newspaper!! (I am totally going to get a t-shirt made with “something of a local knitting superstar” on the front and “limitless patience” on the back. Best review ever! :-)

I’ve worked on at least five new designs since I last spoke to you. One will be released over the summer and most of the rest will be in our next book.

I’ve been keeping The Crochet Project blog fun with updates and new tutorials.

And finally, I have just got back from the most amazing retreat in a little cabin in the woods. We chatted, we shared amazing food, we shot beautiful images of out crochet for the next book. Kate of a playful day tells the story so beautifully that I think I will just send you over there for a read…

At the moment I am trying to work out how and what to blog over here. Most tutorial and release announcements will be put on The Crochet Project blog, I am on instagram a fair bit sharing life snippets. I am thinking that a blog redesign is in order to enable me to share instagram posts here too and perhaps explore some of the things I am thinking about here. With plenty of redirects over to my work with The Crochet Project.

What do you think? What would you like to see here?