End of an era


After blogging here at notsogranny.com (and before that notsogranny.blogspot.com) for five years I’ve come to the conclusion that a blog here isn’t working for me.

Life and my business has changed a lot since I started and I am finding I have not a lot to say here on my personal blog. The kids are older and don’t want to be talked about to strangers, I don’t want to share personal life and the majority of the work I can talk about relates to The Crochet Project so it makes more sense to talk about it over there. The site is overdue a makeover, needs a new host and needs some major adjustments doing if I were to continue. I looked at the costs involved and decided it was time to retire this space.

Never fear, I’m not disappearing from the internet. I will still post on instagram, twitter and facebook as notsogranny. I’m blogging a lot over at thecrochetproject.com and I am moving all the useful content from here to there. If you try and visit notsogranny.com in the future you’ll land on a page there with all my contact details and biography.

So this will be my last post.

Thank you so much to all of you who have read, commented and encouraged me in the last five years here. I’ve appreciated every single click. I hope you’ll follow me to new online homes.